Jenna Marbles Net Worth

How much is Jenna Marbles worth? $8 Million

How did Jenna Marbles earn her money and wealth?

Jenna Marbles is a YouTube personality as well as a vlogger, actress, and comedian who is based in the United States. She was born Jenna Nicole Mourey on September 15, 1986, in Rochester, New York. She grew up in Rochester and graduated in 2004 from Brighton High School. She has an older brother. She attended Suffolk University after she moved to Boston. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She later earned a Master of Education in Sports Psychology and Counseling from Boston University.

Marbles began her career by joining Barstool Sports where she wrote for the site StolLaLA, which was the female counterpart of Barstool Sports. She did various kinds of works such as working at a tanning salon, bartending, go-go dancing at nightclubs and blogging in the summer of 2010 to be able to afford to pay her share of $800 rent. She shared a three-bedroom apartment with her friends in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Marbles shares songs, comedy videos and lifestyle tips in her channel on YouTube. She uploaded a video titled “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking” in 2010 and gained national attention as it had garnered more than 5.3 million views in the first week. She has also uploaded another video titled “How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk To” in 2018 and it has more than 36.2 million views. The video became so popular that it was featured in articles by the ABC News as well as The New York Times.  She chose her pseudonym “Jenna Marbles” after her then unemployed mother complained that their family name “Mourey” pulled up only Jenna’s videos on Google. She chose Marbles as it was the name of her dog “Mr. Marbles”. Marbles’ YouTube channel ranks number 34 in the list of most subscribed channels on YouTube. She now has over 18.1 million subscribers and has till date racked up over 2.6 billion views on YouTube.  She is able to earn very well through her YouTube channel.

Marbles have also made television appearances and have been a part of “Epic Rap Battles of History” as Eve in the second season. She was also a part of “The Annoying Orange” as a banana and “Ridiculousness” in their fourth season. She has also appeared in “Smosh: The Movie” (2015). In YouTube rewind, he played Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball in 2013.

Marbles have also tried to engage in other ventures. She has a brand of dog toys called “Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles. She is also the host of “YouTube 15” a weekly pop countdown on SiriusXM Hits 1. She is also the executive producer of the film “Maximum Rides” in 2016. It is based on the novels of James Patterson. She along with her boyfriend Julien are part of the podcast “The Jenna and Julien Podcast” where they talk about conspiracy theories, discussion with other YouTubers and stories of their growing up years.

What are the highest viewed YouTube videos of Jenna Marbles?

  1. How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Goodlooking (2010): 67.4 million views
  2. What Girls do in the Car (2011): 37.3 million views
  3. How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk (2011): 36.3 million views
  4. What I Would Have Done in Cancun (2011): 33.9 million views
  5. What Girls do in the Bathroom in the Morning (2012): 32 million views

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