Are Jenny and Sumit from ’90 Day Fiance’ Still Together?

Jenny and Sumit made their appearance on season one of ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’. Jenny Slatten, from Palm Springs, California, first met Sumit as Michael Jones while he was cat-fishing her on Facebook, claiming to be an English male model. When Sumit – from New Delhi, India – finally came clean to her and told her who he really was, Jenny still wanted to be with him, and the two established a real connection despite the deceit.

Jenny got herself a visa for India and moved there so that she could meet Sumit, plan their wedding and finally start their lives together as a married couple. And since they didn’t get married as the season progressed, the main question on everyone’s mind is if they are still together or not, and we’re here to answer that for you.

Are Jenny and Sumit Still Together?

In short, yes, Jenny and Sumit are still very much together and wish to get married soon. They might not be physically present with each other or even in the same country, but they are in a relationship. Their Instagram profiles, where they post pictures of themselves together or re-post photo-shopped pictures that are sent to them by their fans, and reply to fans comments clearly proves that. You can check out the post where Jenny confirmed their relationship below:

Their relationship sadly has not been all sunshine and roses. Along with Sumit’s initial lie as to who he was, he also lied to Jenny about another thing that she had no idea about till she was living in India with him. Sumit had managed to hide the fact that he was already married to someone else for years. Though she wondered why Sumit had never told his family about her before she came to India, Jenny never thought that his being married could be the reason. Although he said that his marriage was arranged and loveless and that Jenny was his true soulmate, Jenny could not stay with him and decided to go back home.

Cultural shock to Jenny was one thing, but this was something that she needed a while to get over. However, the couple, even after all the lies, are trying to make things work.

Sumit even posted a photo on his Instagram with Jenny with a caption that said, “I feel complete when m with u my love ?????” along with a few adorable hashtags that clearly show that they are still together even if it’s long-distance.

Another post from his account includes a photo of him hanging out with Jenny along with her daughter and her wife when they came to surprise Jenny while she was in India.

With Jenny being in the US and Sumit in India trying to get a divorce, the couple surely has a long way to go. But we have no doubt that they will overcome all the other obstacles that come their way just like they have in the past.

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