Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 Episode 27: Everything We Know

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 Episode 27

With just a few episodes left in the third season of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ the show blessed fans  with a nostalgia-filled episode to celebrate the season. As ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ moves towards the finale, fans were treated with a nostalgia-filled episode to celebrate the season.In the latest episode, the housemates head back to Seaside to the original ‘Jersey Shore’ house and reminisce their bittersweet journey. Angelina is greeted by a wholesome Italian meal prepared by her friends at the Shore house. The crew then proceeds to bestow upon Angelina, a variety of eccentric gifts, each symbolizing the rapport they share with her.

They also visit their former employer Danny, and the girls pull off a shoplifting prank on him, for old times sake. Angelina casually invites Danny to her wedding, which makes the situation awkward. Throughout the episode, the crew teases JWoww by bringing up her recent romantic encounter with Pauly. At the wedding rehearsal, JWoww finally meets with Angelina’s grandmother, who calls herself the “white witch of God.” Clearly, our girl is mortified by the creepy stares and hostile vibes. If you wish to know what can go down in the dramatic Angelina-Chris wedding in ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ season 3 episode 27, keep reading!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 Episode 27 Release Date

‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ season 3 episode 27 will release on June 4, 2020, at 8 pm ET, on MTV.

Where to Watch Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 Episode 27 Online?

You can watch the ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ season 3 episode 27, by tuning to MTV at the above-mentioned time. You can also catch the show on MTV’s official website. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can watch the show on DirecTV, and Fubo TV. ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ is also available Philo and Sling TV. You can also purchase the episodes on Amazon Prime. You can also catch the important highlights and exclusive sneak peek on the show’s official YouTube Channel.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 Episode 27 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is titled ‘You Had Me At Um, Hello!’

In the episode, we will finally get to witness Angelina Pivarnick and Chris Larangeira’s epic wedding. After all the ups and downs the two have been through, it is good to know that Jenni has finally made it to Angie’s wedding. However, after that uncomfortable conversation with Angie’s grandma, Jenni might feel that an evil force has cursed her. Moreover, she might express that Pauly is giving off weird vibes since the night at the hotel in New Orleans. Well, of course, that’s what you get for playing with Pauly’s feelings, Jenni. I think it’s high time Jenni clears the air about what she wants and what she doesn’t. Vagueness is not doing anybody any good here.

Meanwhile, our gorgeous bride Angelina will be in high spirits, surrounded by her friends and family members on her big day. But unfortunately, that feeling won’t last long as Deena, Nicole and Jenni’s bridesmaid speech might leave a sour taste in Angie’s mouth who will get so upset, that she might actually ask the production department to stop filming. What might follow is a stream of tears from all the ladies of the show.

The family members will express their resentment towards Angie’s friends through their collective “Boo!” I am sure the girls mean no harm or disrespect, but in all honesty, I don’t think roasting someone at their wedding is a great idea. How will the boys react to this? Will Angelina ever forgive the meatballs for almost jeopardizing the most-significant event of her life? Check out the promo below!

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