Jessica Simpson Net Worth

How much is Jessica Simpson worth? $170 million

How did Jessica Simpson earn her money and wealth?

An American Pop singer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and actor, Jessica Simpson is said to have a net worth of $150 million, as of 2017-2018. The media darling and of course the global star has earned this humongous net worth through her different line of work she has done. While she became popular as a pop singer and appeared on her own reality TV show with former husband Nick Lachey, she has been busy earning dollars and hearts with her movies and songs that have definitely added to her colossal net worth and luxurious assets that she owns today. Other than an entertainment profile, she has accumulated huge earnings from different lines of businesses, sponsorships, and enterprise promotions.

Simpson rose to stardom with her early music work with the release of single “I Wanna Love You Forever”, album “Sweet Kisses”. The song took the listener by storm, resultantly got her at rank #3 on the hot Billboard charts 100. With the massive sales of Jessica’s “Sweet Kisses” album (4 million copies), she garnered about $5.13 million in 1999. Her earning from music in that period did not show any distress and then again in 2001, Jessica banked in $2.89 million alone from the sales of her music album “Irresistible”, of which 2.5 million copies were sold. In 2004, she released her new album “In This Skin” for which she earned a record breaking amount of $8.56 million and made it to 3x platinum in the US. It was one of the top selling albums of the times with 7 million copies sold and ranked as high as 2 in the Billboard.

Her most successful music work falls in between 1999 to 2005, but none have gotten her the adulation and acclaim of these three. The glorification of her wealth today is clearly an indication of her work in music albums, movies, concerts, reality TV show, and her Collection Company.

Jessica is a true commercial person. She has put herself into almost everything, from clothing to household artifacts, footwear, perfume to bed spreads. She launched her exclusive collection company named “Jessica Simpson Collection Company” which deals in line of clothing, bedding, shoes and perfumes. The combine sales of this retail empire company gained a turnover of $1 billion in sales, and a vast sum of money back in the bank of Simpson!

Her net worth is lifted up with her earnings from product endorsement like Weight Watchers that cashed in $3.5million. Her yearly compensation from “Dukes of Hazzard” accounted $4million while her takeaway salary from “employee of the month” was $1million.

What are the highest selling songs of Jessica Simpson?

  1. “In This Skin” (2004): 7 million units sold
  2. “Sweet Kisses” (1999): 4 million copies
  3. “Irresistible” (2001): 2.5 million copies sold

What are the popular TV appearances of Jessica Simpson?

  1. Entourage (TV Series) (2010)
  2. Jessica Simpson : Come Over (2008)
  3. The Love Guru (2008)
  4. Jessica Simpson : I belong to Me (2006)
  5. Jessica Simpson : A Public affair (2006)
  6. Jessica Simpson : these Boots Are Made of Walkin’ (2005)
  7. A2Z (TV series) (2004)

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