When Will Jessy & Nessy Season 2 Premiere?

Jessy & Nessy season 2

‘Jessy & Nessy’ is an animated series for kids that follows Jessy and her sea monster best friend Nessy’s exciting escapades as they enter a hidden world filled with animated characters who assist Jessy in exploring and broadening her perspective on the everyday things in life.

Created by the JAM Media’s head of development, Chris Dicker, it first premiered in March 2020. The show received the stamp of quality from the Parents’ Choice Foundation for its artful script writing that embodies life and science lessons, which helps to ignite a spirit to spot the extraordinary in ordinary things in young audiences. In case you’re curious about when ‘Jessy & Nessy’ season 2 releases, keep reading!

Jessy and Nessy Season 2 Release Date

‘Jessy & Nessy’ season 1 premiered on March 13, 2020, on Amazon Prime. It consisted of five episodes of 10-11 minutes each. As far as season 2 is concerned, here’s what we know. The network had given a series order for 40 episodes, out of which, only a chunk was released as a part of season 1 in 2020, which also received a Parents’ Choice Award. Therefore, a second season was always certain. As expected, season 2 has already been announced. And it will land sooner than expected. ‘Jessy & Nessy’ season 2 premieres on August 7, 2020, on Amazon Prime.

Jessy & Nessy Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

The preschool series features child actor Sophie Feldman as Jessy. Jamie Buchanan lends his voice to the character of Nessy, Jessy’s sea monster best friend. The other voice actors in the main cast include Alexa Bauer as Muriel, Shai Matheson as Dollop, and Naomi McDonald as multiple characters Squimpy, Paul Tylak as Stratto/ Mr. Lampowicz/ Hula Mike.

Carter Bellaimey is the voice behind Knock, while Vincent Brimble lends his voice to Birch. David Menkin voices the character Block, while Clementine Milward voices Squiggles. The supporting voice cast comprises Aline Mowat as Hillary, Janet Spencer-Turner as Hazel, Faye Stedman Shannon as Cirro, Andres Williams as Huge Ian, Andres Williams as Alta, Kieran Farrell as Nimbus, David Keegan as Mr. Balloon and Charlie Feighery as Moon.

All the members of the voice talent ensemble are most likely to reprise their roles in Season 2.

Jessy & Nessy Season 2 Plot: What Can it be About?

Jessy and her pickle loving best pal, Nessy go on a lot of adventures in season 1, where Jessy’s friends work together to satiate her curiosity regarding natural and scientific wonders.

The first season touches on the topics like – Where does the wind come from? Why do we have hiccups? How not to be afraid of thunder and lightning? Where can we find echoes? How does an airplane manage to fly in the sky? Where does the moon go during the day? And many more. Jessy and Nessy also set out on a mission to find her friend Squiggles’ missing blanket, while also learning the tricks to cheer up a sad friend.

In season 2, Jessy might use her magical glasses or “inspectacles” to transport into the hidden world, along with her 5,500-year-old friend Nessy and embark upon various other adventures with Nessy and gang, to find informative answers to many insightful questions that tap into her innate curiosity.

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