John Lennon Net Worth

How much was John Lennon worth? $800 million

How did John Lennon earn his money and wealth?

John Lennon was born on 9th October 1940, in Liverpool, England. He went to Dovedale Primary School he later went to Liverpool College of Art. At the age 15, he formed Quarrymen, a skiffle group in 1956. Quarrymen performed “spirited set of songs”. A couple of years later, Lennon wrote his first song, “Hello Little Girl”. In the early 1960s, Lennon along with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Stuart Sutcliffe joined and became “The Beatles”. The band’s first singles “Love Me Do”, released in 1962, reached No.17 on British charts. Their first album, Please Please Me, was recorded in 1963. The next year they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show which brought them international stardom.

In 1964, Lennon wrote a nonsensical book, In His Own Write, which consisted of short stories poems and drawings. He also wrote another book in 1965, A Spaniard in the WorksIn 1967, Beatles released their eighth studio album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The following year, came their next album The BeatlesLennon acted in a black comedy film How I Won The War, by Richard Lester in 1967. Later in 1968, Lennon was again featured in the film The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus.

Lennon and his wife Ono together released three albums in between 1968 and 1969. They were Unfinished Music No.1: Two Virgins, Unfinished Music No. 2 : Life With the Lions and Wedding Album. In 1969, they formed Plastic Ono Band which released Live Peace in Toronto 1969. Lennon left Beatles in 1969. Lennon released singles in the year 1970 which includes “ Give Peace a Chance”, “ Cold Turkey”, “ Instant Karma” etc. In 1970, Lennon’s first solo album John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band released. His next solo album, Imagine released in 1971. The same year he released the single “Happy Xmas ( War Is Over).  

The following year he released Some Time in New York City in collaboration with Ono. “ Women Is the Nigger of the World” is a single from the album televised in The Dick Cavett Show. His fourth studio album Mind Games was released in 1973, which was credited to “ Plastic U.F. Ono Bond”. The same year he his song “ I’m the Greatest” was contributed to Starr’s album Ringo (1973).  Walls and Bridges, Lennon’s fifth studio album was released in 1974 which was Billboard no.1 album the two hit singles from the album were “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night”, which featured Elton John and “#9 Dream”.

In 1975, Lennon released Rock ‘n’ Roll. The following year he wrote “Cookin” for Starr’s album Ringo’s Rotogravure. In 1980, Double Fantasy was jointly released by Lennon and Ono. The same year he released the single “(Just Like) Starting Over”. His album Milk And Honey planned as the follow-up of Double Fantasy was released posthumously in 1984. Lennon was shot dead on 8th December 1980 by Mark David Chapman.

What are the top albums and songs of John Lennon?


  1. “Double Fantasy” (1980): 3,000,000 units
  2. Walls and Bridges (1974): 500,000 units
  3. Imagine (1971)
  4. John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band (1970)
  5. Rock ‘n’ Roll (1975)


  1. Woman (1981)
  2. Instant Karma (We All Shine On) (1970)
  3. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (1974)
  4. Imagine (1971)

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