John Stamos Net Worth

How much is John Stamos worth? $25 million

How did John Stamos earn his money and wealth? 

John Phillip Stamos’ acting career has brought him a long way. Famous for his roles in television series, he is also a musician – Beach Boys’ drummer in the 1980s. On August 19th, 1963, John Stamos was born in Cypress, California. He has two siblings, both sisters. He always aspired to be an actor. He flipped burgers at a deli in the Orange County area during his teenage. As of 2018, John Stamos’ net worth is $40 million.

His first role as Blackie Parrish, the heartthrob, in the series “General Hospital” garnered him millions of fans across the globe. His smart looks, attractive voice and his heart stealing smile had set his career into action. He ruled the series with his lovable character for two years. “Full House”, the title series was aired for 8 years and shot John Stamos into the stardom he was craving for. In order to break free from the stereotypical character of Uncle Jesse, John Stamos acted in productions like Bye Bye Birdies by Broadway and other movies that were produced especially for television.

John Stamos continues to be in the acting field by making guest and cameo appearances in popular tele series such as Friends and Two And A Half Men, etc. In 2016, John Stamos reprised his famous role as Jesse Katsopolis on Fuller House series and the character of Dr. Brock Holt in the series Scream Queens. John Phillips Stamos has also appeared in shows and movies like Jake in Progress, Wedding Wars, etc. He has been nominated for several awards and has won some of them too. He has won the Soapy Awards (1982), Young Artist Awards (1984) and People’s Choice Awards (2016).

John Stamos has also lent his voice to a character in Clone High. He later made an appearance in the show, A Raisin in the Sun which brought him critical acclaim. He has also appeared in many commercials for various brands and companies like Oikos, the Greek yoghurt brand. As a kid, he learned drumming at the age of four. He also had his own band, Destiny.

He is slated to appear on the television show “Who Do You Think You Are”, where he sets out to discover his history and ancestry. Currently, he is happy with his new born son, Billy. He is going to continue in this field that gave him stardom and celebrity status. We look forward to more series and movies from him.

What are the highest grossing series and movies of John Stamos?

  1. Full House (1987)
  2. Jake in Progress (2005)
  3. General Hospital (1982)
  4. Scream Queens (2016)
  5. Thieves (2001)

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