Johnny Bananas Net Worth

How much is Johnny Bananas worth? $500,000

How did Johnny Bananas earn his money and wealth?

Johnny Bananas was born in Santa Monica, California, on 22nd June, 1982. At the age of only 18, he shifted to New York and started reforming his life from the beginning. He graduated from The Pennsylvania State University where he mastered Bachelors in Economics. Currently, Johnny Bananas’s net worth is projected to be $200 thousand in 2018, according to the website, Moreover, he has won over $695,000 from his various dares and experiments.

He came into limelight about 10 years ago on the opening episode of Real World: Key West. He has also appeared on The Inferno III, Challenge seasons The Duel, The Island, The Gauntlet 3, The Ruins, Battle of the Exes, Rivals 2, Free Agents, Cutthroat Rivals, Battle of the Exes 2 and of the Bloodlines. He has six titles to his name. Johnny has been associated with MTV for over ten years now and this journey has been an outstanding one.

His duration with MTV included stints in 12 countries, 14 challenges, 6 victories and 5 continents. He also owns a prevalent website where he is selling branded tank tops, booty shorts for women and much more. At present, he is rumored to be dating the 28-year-old blonde hot snowboarder named, Hannah Teter. They have been in a relationship since 2012. Hannah is an Olympic gold and silver medalist. She earned six medals from the X Games since 2003. Bananas has also dated Camila Nakagawa and Case Cooper in the past.

He recently lost a lawsuit against HBO after he had indicted them for insult in relation to his name. The case was aired on HBO as their show Entourage also has a cast member with the same name. Johnny made a transformation in the life of a 13-year-old girl who was fighting cancer by providing the funds from his merchandise line “Diem Strong”. This merchandise line was formed by him in remembrance of his former co-star on the show Diem Brown who was struggling with cancer and died in November 2014. He made this decision to donate the profits through MedGift organization.

Johnny’s aim and interest is to earn as much money as he can. On his present role at Battle of the Exes, he wants to win the prize money of $125,000 so that he can buy something unique. He does not mind upsetting a few feathers if it assists him to win. As an actor, he acted in a movie, The Head Thieves, released in 2016.

What are the most popular appearances of Johnny Bananas?

  1.     Real World (2006)
  2.     Reality Obsessed (2008)
  3.     Retirement Press Conference (2011)
  4.     Behind the Reel: Johnny Bananas (2014)
  5.     We Heart Diem (2014)
  6.     Robot Chicken (2016)
  7.     The Challenge: After Show (2017)
  8.     The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2017)

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