Will There be a Ju-On: Origins Season 2?

When Netflix announced its horror project, ‘Ju-On: Origins’, fans were excitedly awaiting its arrival. And why not? It is based on the epic ‘Ju-On’ aka ‘The Grudge’ franchise, which has spawned 13 movies to date — leaving aside the multiple novels, short films, video games, and comics. Hardcore fans of ‘The Grudge’ would know its basic concept — the story revolves around a lingering curse, the inception of which can be traced to the murder of a woman, her child, and their pet cat by the family patriarch. And what ensued after that is a never-ending saga, telling the same tale in a loop.

Netflix’s attempt at adapting its tv version is, of course, an ambitious take on a subject that has already established its resilience over the years. Touted as the first Japanese horror original, ‘Ju-On: Origins’ takes us to the roots of the haunted house that has continued to terrorize viewers with its violence and gore. With its first season having reached its conclusion, here is everything we know about ‘Ju-On: Origins’ season 2.

Ju-On: Origins Season 2 Release Date:

‘Ju-On: Origins’ season 1 premiered on July 3, 2020, on Netflix. It consisted of six, 30-minute episodes. The decision on whether to commission a second season or not will solely depend on the viewership numbers. Because we already know that in terms of storyline, ‘Ju-On’ can go on for decades — there is simply no end to this celebrated horror franchise. Again, just because of its existing popularity, ‘Origins’ proved to be a hit, especially among hard-core fans of the original movies. If the ratings are at par with Netflix’s expectations, a new season should be announced in the coming months. Once the streamer gives the show a go-ahead, we can expect ‘Ju-On: The Origins’ season 2 to release sometime in late 2021.

Ju-On: Origins Season 2 Cast: Who Can be in it?

As it is with the films, ‘Origins’ features an ensemble cast — most of them falling victim to the curse of the haunted house. The notable stars in season 1 are YoshiYohsi Arakawa as Yasuo Odajima, Yuina Kuroshima as Haruka Honjo in Ju On, Ririka as Kiyomi, and Kana Kurashina as Ariyasu. Depending on how the story will progress in the second season, we can expect a new roster of stars, accompanied by some returning faces from the first edition.

Ju-On: Origins Season 2 Plot: What Can it be About?

‘Origins’ starts off by introducing us to a journalist who is researching stories related to real supernatural occurrences. He meets an actress whose boyfriend had entered the infamous, fated house and she suspects that her lover might have carried the curse with him. But when the actress meets with a tragic incident, the journalist becomes obsessed with learning more about the house. On the other hand, a teen is brutally raped by a bunch of her classmates in the same house.

‘Origins’ is a violent series — focused more on how horror can be inflicted by humans as well. There is the lingering presence of the curse everywhere but the story is laced with the atrocities inflicted on women and children, usually by men. The show then connects the subplots to the omnipresent haunting — which is ‘The Grudge’. It narrates the past events that eventually culminated in the 1998 incident shown in the films. And when Netflix says that ‘Origins’ traces the roots of ‘Ju-On’, it basically means weaving multiple character arcs and mysteries to answer bigger questions about humanity. The conclusion is not close-ended — it, in fact, serves as the introduction to an ongoing tale — something which can span not one, but multiple seasons.

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