Are Justine and Caleb From Love Island Still Together?

What’s a reality TV show without a few dramatic blowouts? Well, ‘Love Island USA’ showcased a lot of those in its second edition. Yet the duo which emerged victoriously, and gracefully so, has been Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew. Undoubtedly, she had been Caleb’s object of attention and eventually affection after the two exchanged “I love you(s)” during the show. Justine got hooked to him after he confidently put his feelings on the table and expressed his love out loud.

Caleb’s excitement to show up on every date and unabashedly proclaim her as “My baby” won her heart and that of millions. They got the opportunity to take home the whopping prize of $100,000 after being crowned as the season’s winners. But what about their current plans, now that the cameras have stopped rolling on them?

Justine and Caleb: Love Island Journey

Justine had a somewhat rocky start on the show as she was friend-zoned by Jeremiah and Tre. But after Caleb walked in during the second week, all was right with her world again. Except for a few hiccups on the way, the couple had a relatively smooth journey. They did not let the dramatic twists (aka Casa Amor) break them apart. Instead, the viewers saw their union getting solidified after the fun segment, which intended to test a partner’s loyalty and stability during their budding romance. Justine had won Caleb’s heart with a 15-minute conversation as it left a lasting impression on his mind.

Very early on, both had become the fan-favorite couple because of their authenticity and honesty with each other. “Jaleb” was announced as the season’s winners on September 30, 2020. There are a couple of reasons that make their win all the more special – First, Justine and Caleb are the only two people in the second season who said the three magical words to each other. Second, they are the first Black pair to win from the franchise, which also airs in the U.K. and Australia.

Are Justine and Caleb Still Together?

Justine and Caleb feel blessed to have found true love in the famous American dating reality series. They are thrilled to step out in the real world and kick-start their long-distance relationship, at least for the time being. Without a doubt, a lot of traveling is on the cards. Both of them will be flying back and forth to meet each other across oceans. They also have plans to move closer to their partner permanently. It is undecided, at the moment, if Justine would be moving closer to Oklahoma, or Caleb will be packing his bags to move to New Jersey to be with his girlfriend.

The couple has still not started sharing the adorable moments they have spent together outside the show. Nonetheless, they are together and relishing each private moment they are getting to spend without microphones and CCTVs taping all their conversations. The new lovers are basking in the glory of romance in addition to their newfound celebrity status. Presently, they are both overwhelmed, being at the receiving end of such support and best wishes from the American audience with the rest of the world.

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