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‘Tower of God’ marks the inception of a whole new era of anime. Crunchyroll’s collaboration with Webtoons is a groundbreaking feat and has far-reaching implications for the Korean manga industry. From the first episode itself, ‘Tower of God’ has established that it will live up to the expectations of its fans. Although a bit quick-paced, it involves the perfect art style and music.

With each level of the tower, as a viewer, you get to experience a whole new set of breathtaking visuals and its action has this roughness to it that very well reminds you of its source. Not to mention, its timely background scores heighten its drama and action. There is a lot of potential here and we hope that the entire season will be as promising as the first episode. That being said, if, like us, you’re eagerly waiting for the next episode of ‘Tower of God’, read on further to know all about its release date and streaming availability.

When is Tower of God Episode 2 Release Date?

Animated by Telecom Animation Film and Licensed by Crunchyroll, ‘Tower of God’ premiered on April 2, 2020. Since its first season will have a total of 13 episodes, we can expect it to end by June 2020. ”Tower of God’ episode 2 is scheduled to release on April 9, 2020.

Where to Watch Tower of God Episode 2 English Dub Online?

You can watch ‘Tower of God’ on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. You can also read its original web manga on Webtoons.

Tower of God Episode 1 Recap

The first episode begins with a series of mundane visuals that leave you clueless and yet, give you a small glimpse of what lies ahead. A boy named Bam gets visions of his lost love, Rachel, and wishes to see her again. In one of these visuals Rachel can be seen running away from him when suddenly, a blinding light from above swallows her and Bam is left there crying. As soon as he starts wishing that he wants to see her again, Bam, too, gets swallowed in a blinding light and finds himself on the ground floor of the Tower. This is where the Guardian of the tower greets him and tells him that all the answers he seeks can be found on the top floor. Determined to see Rachel again, Bam agrees to do whatever it takes to reach the top.

This is when his first test begins. He is asked to break a black ball that is being guarded by a black steel eel in order to reach the next level. He is also assisted by a girl named Yuri, who gives him her Black March sword to fight off the eel. But without even trying to battle it, Bam surrenders to the eel’s power and gets swallowed by it, only to eventually realize that it’s the only way to defeat it. With this, the eel falls asleep and Bam heads to blackball to break it with his sword. However, to his surprise, it turns out that the black ball is unbreakable.

After being advised by Yuri’s partner, Evan, Bam asks the sword to lend him its strength. This is when the sword reveals its true form and lends him enough strength to break the ball. Bam then soars up to the next level and finds himself in the middle of a field. An announcement marks the inception of a new test and all the new contestants on the floor get into a battle royale. Bam, who only intends to survive, sprints across the field, but eventually gets caught in a deadly trap. Will he ever make it to the next level?

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