Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 1 Episode 4: What to Expect?

Based on Hiroyuki’s manga series of the same name, ‘Kanojo mo Kanojo’ or ‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’ is a harem romance comedy anime that follows Naoya Mukai, who, after being in love with her childhood friend for years, Saki Saki, finally gets to date her. However, their relationship gets more complicated when Nagisa Minase, his classmate, confesses her feelings to Naoya, putting him in a spot. Although he had vowed to be faithful to her girlfriend, he later backtracks on his promise and somehow convinces Saki Saki for the love triangle. It marks the beginning of their three-way love affair that directly challenges all social norms.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Episode 4 Release Date

‘Kanojo mo Kanojo’ episode 4, titled “Sannin no Basho” or “A Place for Three,” is all set to release on July 24, 2021. The show will premiere on JNN (MBS, TBS, BS-TBS), AT-X in Japan. Keiichirō Ōchi has served as the screenwriter for the harem anime while Satoshi Kuwabara has helmed the directorial team. The character design is done by Akiko Toyoda, and the series music is composed by Miki Sakurai and Tatsuhiko Saiki. Necry Talkie has sung the opening theme song “Fuzaketenai ze,” and the ending theme song “Pinky Hook” is performed by Momo Asakura.

Where to Watch Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 1 Online?

Crunchyroll has licensed the series for streaming outside Asia. People who have a subscription can watch the series here. The harem comedy show is also accessible on VRV. If you live in Southeast and South Asia, then you can watch the series on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel and iQIYI.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Episode 4 Spoilers

‘Kanojo mo Kanojo’ season 1 episode 3 focuses on Saki Saki, Naoya, and Nagisa’s hilarious efforts to find some privacy at school so that they have their lunch together in peace. Unfortunately, most post places are either occupied or are just too uncomfortable to eat. Although they eventually sneak into the school gym, their discussions about the three-way love affair make Saki Saki insecure, and she begins to fear that her boyfriend will forget her and settle with Nagisa in the future.

In order to prove that she too is an indispensable part of their relationship, she decides to contribute more at home and even cooks for everyone. Sadly, her attempt goes horribly wrong as the food gets overcooked. Later that night, she tries to seduce Naoya in bed, but he rejects her sexual advances enraging Saki Saki, who decides to leave and go back to her house. Naoya vows not to sleep until he brings her back and does everything possible in the next three days to make her girlfriend change her decision. However, all his efforts barely change Saki Saki’s decision, and she only violently returns when Nagisa openly gets a bit physical with Naoya.

In season 1, episode 4, titled “The Persuasion,” we may get introduced to Naoya’s vlogger schoolmate Rika Hoshizaki. She may express her desire to become the third girlfriend and change the entire dynamics of the love triangle.

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