Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 2: Release Date and Plot Details

Based on Hiroyuki’s manga series of the same name, ‘Girlfriend Girlfriend‘ is a romantic-comedy anime that recounts the story of a three-way love affair between three high-schoolers. When Naoya Mukai’s childhood friend Saki Saki finally accepts his proposal after innumerable fruitless confessions, he believes he can’t be any happier. However, his commitment is soon tested when Mukai’s classmate Nagisa confesses her feelings for him. Although he initially does not wish to cheat his girlfriend, Naoya couldn’t gather the courage to say no to Nagisa and hurt her feelings. So, he decides to convince Saki Saki with Nagisa’s help and somehow manages to do it successfully.

It marks the beginning of a socially questionable three-way love affair that soon spirals out of control. The comical misadventures of the trio first premiered on July 3, 2021, and soon garnered a huge global fan following. Following an inconclusive ending, fans are eager to learn more about the show’s upcoming installment. In case you are looking for similar information, we have got you covered.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 2 Release Date

‘Kanojo mo Kanojo’ season 1 released on July 3, 2021, and ran for 12 episodes before ultimately concluding on September 18, 2021. The romantic comedy anime premiered in Japan on the aforementioned dates on JNN (MBS, TBS, BS-TBS) and AT-X.

As far as season 2 of the series is concerned, here’s everything we know. Neither the producers nor the studio responsible for the development of the series has officially announced the show’s renewal. However, season 1 of the anime ends inconclusively with Shino finding out about Naoya and Nagisa’s relationship. Meanwhile, Rika is in no mood to give up on her desire to become the protagonist’s new girlfriend. The first season of the romantic-comedy series has only adapted four volumes (36 chapters) of Hiroyuki’s ongoing manga series.

Since 74 chapters (8 volumes) of the comics are already published, the creators have enough material to cover in the expected installment. Furthermore, the show successfully made it to Crunchyroll’s top 20 popular anime list in Summer 2021. Considering the decent ratings, inconclusive ending, and huge fan following, it seems likely that we will hear about the show’s renewal sooner than later. If the next season is announced in the upcoming months, we can expect ‘Kanojo mo Kanojo’ season 2 to release sometime in late 2022.

Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

In the season 1 finale, Nagisa finally decides to no longer hold herself back, forcing Saki Saki to happily accept her as a competitor for the position of Naoya’s senior girlfriend. Meanwhile, Shino manages to dispel all her doubts and is shocked to learn that Saki Saki is dating a two-timer who has no respect for his relationship or girlfriend. She vows to find a way to split them up. However, Saki Saki is content with Naoya, who is naturally struggling to keep his girlfriends happy. While all this drama unfolds, Rika is focused on getting Naoya’s attention.

In season 2, Rika will eventually become an indispensable part of Naoya and his girlfriends’ social circle. She is unlikely to give up on her plans to become the protagonist’s new girlfriend any time soon. While Rika tries to convince Naoya, Shino will find ways to break Saki Saki’s relationship. The friendly rivalry to get closer to their boyfriend will become intense between Nagisa and Saki Saki. Regardless of how the upcoming season unfolds, it will certainly be just as fun as the previous one.

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