Katie Holmes Net Worth

How much is Katie Holmes worth? $25 Million

How did Katie Holmes earn her money and wealth?

Kate Noelle Holmes, born in Ohio, US on December 18, 1978, started off her career in 1998, in Dawson’s Creek- a TV show. It was this appearance that won her a lot of fame and recognition in her own nation and people were now a fan. Her role as Joey Potter won her a lot of love from all its viewers and she was soon a favorite, too. The very next year, she was cast in Disturbing Behavior in one of the lead roles, for which she won the MTV Movie Award for her breakthrough act. In 1999, she appeared in the movie- Go.

In 2000, she came up with two movies- Wonder Boys and The Gift. The next year, she appeared on Saturday Night live. 2 years later, in 2003, her show Dawson Creek came to an end, which gave her the opportunity to explore a lot more types of roles and movies.

In 2005, she was cast in Batman Begins as Rachel Dawes along with another movie Phone Booth which turned out to be one of her highest grossing movies of all time. She also appeared in Thank You For Smoking as an affair of the lobbyist who was in the lead cast. After this, she took a small break from her acting career until 2008 as she gave birth to her daughter- Suri. When she came back in 2008, she starred in a comedy movie called Mad Money. However, that movie did not do so well in the theaters. Katie also made her debut on Broadway in 2008 in a play called All My Sons. In 2017, she was cast in the movie Logan Lucky which has been one of her best ones so far.

Katie Holmes also had a significant share of presence on Television. Along with Dawson Creek, she also appeared The Kennedys in a lead role, which had a sequel in 2017, Ray Donovan, How I met your Mother and Eli Stone in which she was a part of only a few episodes. She also gave voice-overs in one of the video games of Batman in the year 2005.

Katie has also been a producer for some movies such as The Romantics in which she was the executive producer, Touched with Fire, in which she was a co-producer and All we Had for which she was both a director as well as a producer. She also directed a documentary in 2015 called Eternal Princess, which was about a famous Olympic gymnast.

 What are the highest grossing movies of Katie Holmes?

  1. Batman Begins (2005)- $48.7 Million
  2. Jack and Jill (2011)- $25 Million
  3. Phone Booth (2003)- $15 Million
  4. The Giver (2014)- $12.3 Million
  5. Don’t be Afraid Of The Dark (2011)- $8.5 Million

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