Kawaikereba Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

On the surface, ‘Kawaikereba Hentai’ or ‘Hensuki’ is just another dumb Ecchi that involves every possible modern Harem archetype. But if you watch it carefully, you’ll realize that unlike most other Ecchi Harems out there, it adopts a more complicated approach. Now usually, the main protagonists of most harem anime shows are either blissfully oblivious to the potential “assualt” that they’re facing each day or they just decide to get on with the situation to take full advantage of it. But in ‘Kawaikereba Hentai’, the main character seems to have none of these two traits and lies somewhere between the two.

So basically, this show is nothing but a psychological horror parody where a teenage boy gets harassed by the girls of his school without even realizing what’s going on. Produced by Seven and GEEKTOYS studios, the animation side of it is pretty decent and suits the whole rom-com vibe of its story. The characters are not at all well developed but it’s their weird fetishes that make them interesting to watch. Overall, ‘Kawaikereba Hentai’ is just a time killer and there is nothing too special about it. If you are a fan of Ecchi anime, then the slightly different approach that this one takes might enhance your viewing experience. But for others who despise typical high school harems, this one does not offer much.

Hensuki Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Kawaikereba Hentai’ Season 1 premiered on July 8, 2019 and ended its 12 episode run on September 23, 2019. The anime has gained some popularity since its release and also has a fairly average rating on most platforms. It has been adapted from a light novel series that goes by the same name and has a total of 8 volumes to date.

The most recent volume of the light novel, which was a special volume, released on July 25, 2019. Since this volume came out after the release of the anime, it will obviously not be a part of this season. So even if the creators adapted the first few volumes, they will still be left with a whole volume for a new season. Now, for obvious reasons, one volume will not be enough for producing a full-fledged season 2, so unless the author of the source material does not come out with more content, we will not get to see more of this anime.

If by any chance the author decides to end the light novel series right here, we can only expect a few sequel OVA episodes in the future. As of now, it’s a bit too early to say what the future holds for this anime; but as soon as we get any confirmed news regarding ‘Kawaikereba Hentai’ Season 2, we will update it here in this section.

Hensuki English Dub:

The English Dub of ‘Kawaikereba Hentai’ is not available yet; but you can still stream the anime on Funimation with original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Hensuki Plot:

‘Kawaikereba Hentai’ tells the story of a young high school kid named Keiki Kiryu who has never dated a girl. Just when he starts losing all hope, he receives a mysterious love letter which does not have the sender’s name and has been attached with a pair of white panties. This is when he sets out on a quest to hunt down this secret admirer and soon he discovers that every single girl that he suspects is more or less of a pervert.

Hensuki Characters:

Keiki Kiryu

Keiki Kiryu is the main protagonist of the show who is second-year high school student. He usually works as a library helper and is also a prominent member of the school’s calligraphy club. He gets really insecure about his single status but everything changes for him when one day, he discovers a love letter in his room along with a pair of white panties. He then decides to look for this “Cindrella” in the hope that he will finally be able to fall in love with a girl. In appearance, Keiki has a fairly average build for his age and has short black hair with dark-colored eyes. Like all the characters of the anime, he is usually seen in his school uniform.

Mizuha Kiryu

Mizuha is Keiki’s younger sister who always tries to get his attention. She constantly flirts with him and even tries to sneak in when he sleeps. Later, she becomes one of the prime suspects due to her obsession with her brother. When it comes to her appearance, she is a cute young girl with shiny light brown hair and deep blue eyes.

Yuika Koga

Yuika is another student at the high school who works at the library with Keiki. She descends from a Caucasian background and has blond hair with blue eyes. Initially, she seems to be very shy and introverted but after Keiki keeps making an attempt to talk to her, she starts warming up to him.

Mao Nanjo

Mao Nanjo is Keiki’s classmate and quite often, she hangs out with him and Shoma. She is a fujoshi who fantasizes about Kaiki and Shoma being in a homosexual relationship and even illustrates it in her own manga series. Later, she even openly asks Keiki to get into a relationship with Shoma so that it becomes easier for her to express her fantasies on paper.

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