Keep Breathing Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Netflix’s ‘Keep Breathing’ is a survival drama that begins with a woman named Liv boarding a private plane with two strangers. She hitches the ride, hoping that the men will drop her off on the way to their own destination. However, the situation takes a drastic turn when some problem in the plane leads to a crash. Liv wakes up to find out that both her companions have been severely injured. It is also revealed that they are not who they claimed, and no one really knows about the plane. This means that no one is going to come looking for her. She’s on her own in the wilderness where one misstep means death.

Created by Martin Gero and Brendan Gall, the show promises an adventurous ride for the audience, especially the ones who are into survival stories. The series brings a lot of ups and downs for Liv, while also showing us the emotional upheavals she’s been going through. While the finale reveals her fate, it leaves a few threads loose in the end. If this makes you wonder whether or not the show will return for another season, we’ve got you covered.

Keep Breathing Season 2 Release Date

‘Keep Breathing’ Season 1 premiered on Netflix on July 28, 2022. All six episodes, with a runtime of around thirty minutes each, were released simultaneously. It has been billed as a limited series which means that it was planned in a way that allows Liv’s story to conclude by the end of the season. The entire story revolves around her getting stuck in the wilderness and trying to get out of there. At the end of the last episode, when all hope of her being found by someone seems lost, two men find her floating in the river. They pull an unconscious Liv out of the water, and just before it cuts to black, we see her gaining consciousness and showing the audience that she has survived her week-long ordeal.

The ending also brings closure on other fronts of her. On the way, she makes peace with a lot of things in her life. She lets go of her mother and realizes that she loves Danny and that she could be a good mother if she gave herself a chance. Having survived the physical challenges of being stranded after the plane crash, Liv shows the audience that she has resolved her issues, at least some of them, which she carried with her before she landed in the middle of nowhere.

There are, however, a couple of things that the show leaves for the audience to indulge in on their own. We don’t get to see what happens after she’s found. Does she go back to Danny? Does she see her mother again? What impact does this experience have on her life? While an episode could have easily been used to address these issues, the showrunners specifically chose to end the story with Liv being discovered.

The main premise of the series is survival. Liv’s backstory and the flashbacks are just an added dimension. When the primary conflict is resolved, the story also comes to an end. This means that there isn’t a reason to drag it further. It means that, most probably, there won’t be a Season 2 of ‘Keep Breathing’. As for the questions that haven’t been tied up, the audience will have to employ their own imagination to see where Liv’s life goes from here.

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