Kenan Season 1: Everything We Know

NBC’s ‘Kenan’ is a sitcom that follows the adventures of the eponymous protagonist and his eccentric family. Kenan is the host of an Atlanta morning show and is juggling his high-profile job and responsibilities as a single dad after his wife’s passing. Both his daughters – Birdie and Aubrey – have unique personalities, making it hard for Kenan to keep up with his busy lifestyle.

Kenan’s father-in-law Rick offers to help him take care of his daughters, and despite some initial reluctance, Kenan agrees. As the story unfolds, it throws more light on Kenan’s unconventional family and unravels the layers of their distinct personalities. If you are curious about the release date and other details of ‘Kenan’ season 1, here’s everything we know!

Kenan Season 1 Release Date

‘Kenan’ season 1 will premiere on February 16, 2021, at 8:30/7:30c on NBC. The show will follow a weekly release pattern and recounts the story of Kenan and his family in an episodic manner, with new episodes dropping every Tuesday.

Kenan Cast: Who is in it?

The show stars Kenan Thompson as the eponymous protagonist. You may recognize the actor-comedian from ‘Saturday Night Live,’ where he has been performing since 2003. Don Johnson essays the character of Rick, Kenan’s father-in-law. He is best known for playing James “Sonny” Crockett in the crime drama television series Miami Vice.

Dani and Dannah Lane play the role of Kenan’s daughters, Aubrey and Bridget “Birdie” Williams. Kimrie Lewis portrays Mika, the executive producer of Kenan’s Atlanta morning show. Stand-up comedian and actor Chris Redd plays the role of Kenan’s manager, Gary. The cast also includes Jeff Lewis as Phil, Willow Beuoy as Zoe, Andy Garcia as Percy, Shirley Jordan as Aunt Ellen, and Elaine Kao as Ellen.

Kenan Plot: What is it About?

Kenan is a host of an Atlanta morning show. Having lost his wife recently, he has to shoulder the responsibility of raising his two daughters – Aubrey and Birdie, on his own. The single father’s high-profile job makes it hard for him to find the right balance between parenting and work. Rick, his father-in-law, offers to help him out. Although Kenan has some reservations at first, he reluctantly accepts Rick’s help.

Rick regrets the fact that he was never around while his daughter, Cori, was growing up. He desires to make up for that by helping Kenan. It will give him an opportunity to spend time with his granddaughters which can be therapeutic for him, considering his daughter is not alive anymore. But there is a constant disagreement between Rick and Kenan over the old-school parenting style of the former.

Kenan’s work life is quite smooth as he is remarkably good at it. His executive producer, Mika, is always on his side and ensures Kenan excels at what he does. For Kenan, Mika is not just a co-worker but also a friend and confidante he can trust completely. He can be vulnerable with her, which is crucial for him as he is recovering from the emotional trauma of losing his wife. ‘Kenan’ seems like a promising show, and with stars like Kenan, Don, and Chris, it is bound to be entertaining. Here’s a trailer of season 1 to give you a glimpse of what you can expect from the show.


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