Will There be a Kidding Season 3?

Showtime’s ‘Kidding’ is a strange, somewhat tragic, and psychological comedy-drama that managed to appeal to critics because of its concept. It is a touching portrayal of grief and life in general — told through the eyes of a kid’s tv personality. However, the show could not meet the expectations of fans who are too familiar with the lead star, Jim Carrey‘s signature style of slapstick comedy. And this was a bit of a surprise, considering the actor’s massive fanbase.

Still, Showtime went ahead and renewed the series for a second edition that premiered in February 2020. And this brings us to the next obvious question: will we see a ‘Kidding’ season 3? Here’s everything we know about its potential third outing.

Kidding Season 3 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Kidding’ season 2 premiered on February 9, 2020, on Showtime. After spanning 10 episodes, it wrapped up on March 8, 2020.

Now, if you ask us, we would definitely love to see the show recommissioned for a third outing. But we cannot be overly optimistic. Although ‘Kidding’ is great when you consider its concept, the thing is, not everyone ‘gets’ it. The majority of viewers appeared confused with how the story advances because let’s be direct: ‘Kidding’ does not put out things in a straightforward manner. There are so many great takeaways from this amazing tale, but alas, it just could not attract many fans.

Anyways, nothing is sure until Showtime makes an official announcement. And if they decide to push their luck with another installment, we can predict ‘Kidding’ season 3 to release sometime in 2021.

Kidding Season 3 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

The cast of ‘Kidding’ is led by Jim Carrey as Jeff Piccirillo, Frank Langella as Sebastian Piccirillo, Judy Greer as Jill Piccirillo, Cole Allen as William “Will” and Philip “Phil” Piccirillo, Juliet Morris as Maddy Perera, Catherine Keener as Deirdre “Didi” Perera, and Justin Kirk as Peter.

If Showtime renews ‘Kidding’ for another season, we can expect all of the above actors to make their respective comebacks.

Kidding Season 3 Plot: What Can It Be About?

‘Kidding’ season 2 starts off by slowly revealing the answers to the questions left behind after season 1’s finale. What happens when Jill discovers that Jeff had run over her boyfriend with a car? What about Jeff’s show’s future and what does fate hold for Peter?  In the second outing, the characters go through multiple life-changing moments. While Will finds out about magic, Seb goes senile. On the other hand, Jeff and Jill confront each other — does Jeff consider Jill responsible for Phil’s death?

Toward the end, all of the arcs are closed off — Deirdre continues to run the show, Seb finds love once again, and Jeff and Jill resolve their differences. So, if the show is renewed (at all) for a third installment, it needs to expand its concept and take us further into Jeff’s strange, bizarre world.

Kidding Trailer:

While we wait for Showtime to come up with an official announcement for ‘Kidding’ season 3, you can watch the trailer for season 2 below:

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