King of Stonks Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

‘King of Stonks’ is a German-language series created by Philipp Kässbohrer and Matthias Murmann (‘How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)‘). It revolves around Felix Armand, the COO of Germany’s biggest public Fintech company, Cable Cash. Felix faces several challenges and egos as he attempts to ensure his company’s prosperity. However, in the process, he often makes unethical decisions.

The enthralling series takes a satirical look at the world of startups and finance. If you watched the show’s first season and lost yourself in the unbelievable scandals of Cable Cash, you must be looking for updates about a second season. In that case, here is everything you need to know about ‘King of Stonks’ season 2!

King of Stonks Season 2 Release Date

‘King of Stonks’ season 1 was released on July 6, 2022, on Netflix. The first season contains six episodes with a running time of approximately 45-50 minutes each. All episodes dropped on the streaming service on the same day. The first season received mostly positive reviews from critics.

Now, regarding a second season, the makers have remained quiet on the matter so far. Moreover, Netflix is yet to renew the series for another installment. However, it is still early days, and the streaming giant will likely take some time to assess the show’s performance before deciding its future.

The cliffhanger ending of season 1 suggests that there could be plans for another season. If the series meets Netflix’s viewership expectations, a second season could be greenlit in the coming months. As a result, production for the new season could commence sometime in 2023. Hence, ‘King of Stonks’ season 2 could arrive on our screens in Q2 of 2024, at the earliest.

King of Stonks Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

‘King of Stonks’ season 1 stars Thomas Schubert as Cable Cash COO Felix Armand and Matthias Brandt as power-hungry CEO Magnus A. Cramer. The main cast also features Larissa Sirah Herden as Sheila Williams, Sophia Mercedes Burtscher as Alex Ericcson, Altine Emini as Sascha, and Andreas Döhler as Tom Wieland.

A prospective ‘King of Stonks’ season 2 will likely feature most of the main cast members reprising their roles. Recurring cast members such as Wilson Gonzalez (Till Hermann), Ali Salman (Fabian Hermann), and Nino Porzio (Vito) are also likely to reprise their roles. Additionally, viewers can expect some new faces among the cast for season 2.

King of Stonks Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

The first season of ‘King of Stonks’ sees Felix trying to save Cable Cash’s stock prices from hitting rock bottom. At the same time, Magnus’ eccentric behavior drastically affects the company’s stock and public image. In the end, Felix saves the company’s fraudulent practices from being exposed and gains authority over Magnus, making him the mastermind behind Cable Cash. Meanwhile, Alex takes over as the head of Deutsche Bank, Cable Cash’s biggest rival.

The second season will likely deal with the aftermath of Alex joining Deutsche Bank. As the former legal head of Cable Cash, she holds intel that could destroy her competitor. However, Felix and Magnus will not go down without a fight setting the stage for some interesting corporate maneuvers. Meanwhile, Felix and Magnus could continue their ego-driven quest for power and authority within Cable Cash. Elsewhere, Sheila could plot revenge against Felix after his actions destroy her career as a short seller.

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