‘Knives Out’ Sequel: Everything We Know

Detective movies are always thrilling to watch, especially if they manage to hold the viewers in, keeping them guessing up until the last moment. While detective movies come out every now and then, they sometimes tend to overdramatize things like the newest adaptation of Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’.

In the case of ‘Knives Out’, the task is doubly daunting, because the story is original and has to make the extra effort to be intriguing. Luckily for director Rian Johnson, it marks a return to his favorite genre, that is detective stories. Johnson got his break with ‘Brick’, which showed just how much he was willing to play with the detective genre, by placing a hardboiled tale in a high school. With ‘Knives Out’ again, he plays with the tropes of a locked room mystery and the classic whodunnit.

The movie has already been unanimously praised, with many appreciating how the detective genre remains unsaturated and could do with more of such juicy works. That being said, the question that must be circling your mind is whether we will get to see a sequel to ‘Knives Out’. After all, Johnson is not exactly known for making sequels, preferring to tell new stories instead. However, what I sensed from his interviews before the movie’s release, there seems to be a good possibility that ‘Knives Out’ will get a sequel. Here is everything we know about it.

Knives Out 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The plot of ‘Knives Out’ lis a locked mansion mystery where the head of the Thrombey family is found murdered after he attempts to reunite his dysfunctional family for his birthday. Soon, Benoit Blanc shows up to solve the case and opens a can of worms that sheds light on the interpersonal troubles within the family, and several other secrets that begin to rear their heads.

Rian Johnson has commented that he would love to bring back Benoit Blanc for more detective stories. The idea is to fashion Blanc like Christie’s famous cerebral detective, Hercule Poirot, who is known for his eccentricities and crime-solving skills. If that is the case, then one can expect Blanc’s crime-solving to be similar. We can hope to see Blanc in new settings, solving fresh crimes, involving different victims and suspects. It is Johnson’s idea to cast Blanc in different crime stories, all of which will require the detective to employ his ‘grey cells’ in order to solve the matter.

However, as for what the exact mystery might be in ‘Knives Out 2’, it remains to be seen for now. Considering the wonderful story crafted for the first movie, we can expect more of the same from the sequel, where we will be amazed by the twists the narrative takes.

Knives Out 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

As per Johnson’s vision, the sequel to ‘Knives Out’ would take place in a different location, including different people. Thus, we expect an all-new star-studded cast to be on board for the second film. Johnson did a brilliant job combining experienced actors like Toni Collette and Michael Shannon, along with new powerhouses of talent like Katherine Langford and Ana de Armas. We expect to see more of such castings in his sequel.

One thing is for certain, if Daniel Craig is willing to come on board for the sequel, Johnson will be casting him again in the role of Benoit Blanc, since the director has made no secret of the fact that he loved working with Craig on ‘Knives Out’.

Knives Out 2 Crew: Who Can Be Behind It?

Rian Johnson is the man behind ‘Knives Out’. Not only did he write the story, but is also the director, apart from having co-produced it. In the event that a sequel to ‘Knives Out’ is made, Johnson would obviously be on board to direct. Notably, Johnson, known for films like ‘Looper‘ has confirmed as much in previous interviews. Undoubtedly, he would write the story also.

Lionsgate is likely to be on board for the sequel as well, considering the current success that ‘Knives Out’ is enjoying.

Knives Out 2 Release Date: When Can It Premiere?

‘Knives Out’ released on November 27, 2019, after the September TIFF debut. Although Johnson came up with the basic idea soon after ‘Brick’, way back in 2005, the project was only announced in 2018. Thus, even if ‘Knives Out 2’ is immediately greenlit, we expect Johnson to take some time to come up with a story good enough to impress viewers. With that in mind, the earliest we can expect to ‘Knives Out 2’ to release is sometime in 2022.

Knives Out 2 Trailer:

‘Knives Out 2’ does not have a trailer yet naturally, but you can check out the trailer for the first movie to get an idea of what the sequel might have in store, in terms of the tone and plot.

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