Kung Fu Episode 9: What to Expect?

In ‘Kung Fu’ episode 8, Mei-Li reveals that their family has a deep connection to the mystical weapons, but she never cared to disclose it to her daughter because of the dangers involved in the arts. Jin loses his calm over the matter and walks away, leaving Ryan and Nicky to go search for him. For a detailed take on the latest developments in the show, we have provided a comprehensive recap. To know when the next episode airs, here’s a short preview for ‘Kung Fu’ episode 9!

Kung Fu Episode 9 Release Date

‘Kung Fu’ episode 9 is scheduled to release on June 23, 2021, at 8 pm ET on The CW. Every episode has a runtime of around 60 minutes each.

Where to Watch Kung Fu Episode 9 Online?

You can watch ‘Kung Fu’ episode 9 on The CW at the date and time mentioned above, provided you have a cable connection. If you miss the television premiere, you can stream it on The CW’s official website or the mobile app the next day. Fans can live-stream the show on platforms such as FuboTVDirecTV, and YouTube TV. Others also have the option to rent/buy the episodes on VOD platforms like VuduAmazon PrimeGoogle PlayApple TV, and iTunes.

Kung Fu Episode 9 Spoilers

In the 9th episode of ‘Kung Fu,’ Nicky will be worried about Zhilan getting closer to unleashing the full power of the weapons. To stop her from wreaking havoc, Nicky will set out on another adventure. Ryan and Henry, however, will express their concern over how dangerous her missions always get. Here is the promo for the upcoming episode!

Kung Fu Episode 8 Recap

In ‘Kung Fu’ episode 8 titled ‘Destiny,’ Nicky struggles to establish boundaries between her personal life and her mission to find the mystical swords. Her childhood sweetheart Evan Hartley enters the picture, and her current dynamic with Henry begins to disintegrate swiftly. Furthermore, Nicky’s mother Mei-Li discloses that their family has deep ties with the magical weapons. As Evan confronts his complicated love life, he learns that he still wants to fix his relationship with Sabine, his girlfriend. Jin is mad at Mei-Li for keeping secrets from her daughter, and as an act of retaliation, he storms out of the house.

Nicky and Ryan later find him at a motel on the fringes of town. A young man named TJ crashes Althea’s bachelorette party and pulls Chloe away from the celebration. Nicky and Henry realize that the suspicious duo is a part of a local racket. Chloe subsequently disappears, which prompts TJ and his friends to raid her parents’ home. Nicky and Henry bust the burglars and retrieve all the valuable items that they stole. At the motel, Jin finally accepts his son’s homosexuality, but he is still not willing to return home. Nicky has a heart-to-heart with Mei-Li, who admits her fault and walks her daughter through their prestigious family lineage.

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