Preview: Kyokou Suiri Ep.3

Initially, it seemed like ‘Kyokou Suiri’ or ‘In/Spectre’ was being marketed as a romance anime with a few elements shounen in it. However, so far, the anime is far from being a rom-com or even a shounen. It is, in fact, full of unexpected twists and turns that keep you engaged throughout its runtime. The first two episodes have been quite impressive and if it manages to maintain this consistency in its quality, it has the potential to be one of the best shows of the season.

With that said, if you have already watched episodes 1 and 2, read on further to know about the details of the next episode.

Kyokou Suiri Episode 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Produced by Brain’s Base Studio, ‘Kyokou Suiri’ premiered on January 12, 2020 and its first season will have a total of 12 episodes. In/Spectre episode 3, titled “The Rumors of the Steel Lady”, is scheduled for a release on January 26, 2020.

Where to Watch Kyokou Suiri Episode 3 English Dub Online?

The English dub of ‘Kyokou Suiri’ is not available yet, but you can stream the anime on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Kyokou Suiri Episode 2 Recap

‘Kyokou Suiri’ brings in a murder mystery twist in its second episode. After shamelessly stalking him, Kotoko Iwanaga purposely runs into Kurou Sakuragawa at the hospital. As always, he tries to ignore but she still craves his attention. She tells him that she’ll later be heading to the mountains to meet a giant serpent who lives there. Kurou warns her about the dangers of mountains and tries to convince her to drop her plan, but to fulfill her duty as the Goddess of Wisdom, she tells him that she must do it. When she asks him if he would like to join her, he gives her a shallow response by claiming that he’ll be too busy cooking pork soup at night and won’t be able to make it. Kotoko gets really mad at him for being so inconsiderate and goes to the mountains alone.

Upon reaching the lake in the mountains, she meets the ghastly giant serpent who could easily devour a human like her. But when she starts talking to it, it turns out that the creature is completely harmless. Soon, the two of them start discussing the serpent’s past and how he was once worshipped by the humans. Kotoko then initiates her investigation of a dead body that was dumped in the lake where the serpent lives. The serpent recalls the events and tells her that a young woman had earlier dumbed the body of a man and had intentionally not tied to it to a heavy object. She wanted the cops to discover the body and then later trace her through it.

Curious to know what really happened, the serpent starts questioning her about the murder and asks her why someone would intentionally get caught. Kotoko then explains it to him that the lady was probably trying to cover up for someone else and that’s why she intentionally made the whole setup so obvious. At the end of the episode, it turns out that Kurou had followed her all the way to the mountains just to make sure that she was safe.