Will There be a La Venganza de Analía Season 2?

‘La Venganza de Analía’ aka ‘Analia’s Revenge’ is a Colombian telenovela that is helmed by Clara María Ochoa as the creator. Narrating an intriguing tale of political schemes, dirty secrets, and intense passion, the drama became one of the most viewed shows, following its premiere in Colombia. As a result, it was eventually made available for the global audience on Netflix. In the first season, the protagonist, Analía’s quest for revenge seems to have reached closure. So, what does this mean for the series’ future? Will we get a second season? Let’s find out.

La Venganza de Analía Season 2 Release Date:

‘La Venganza de Analía’ season 1 premiered on August 26, 2020, on Netflix. Prior to its international release, it dropped on April 15, 2020, on Caracol TV. The first season consists of 56 hourly episodes. Since the series was conceptualized as a telenovela, a second season seems unlikely. Moreover, season 1 does a fantastic job in closing off the main storyline. Therefore, in all probability, ‘La Venganza de Analía’ season 2 is canceled. If the creators decide to revive the show with another iteration, owing to popular fan demand, we can expect ‘La Venganza de Analía’ season 2 to release sometime in 2023 or later.

La Venganza de Analía Cast: Who is in it?

The protagonist Analía is played by Carolina Gómez. Joining her is Alejandra Mejia (played by Ana Wills), Juan Mario Mejia (essayed by Edwin Maya), Rosario Marquez (played by Geraldine Zivic), Pablo De la Torre (played by George Slebi), Guillermo Leon Mejia (played by Marlon Moreno), Eugenia Márquez De la Torre (portrayed by María Cecilia Botero), and David De la Torre (eassyed by Ricardo Mejía).

La Venganza de Analía Plot: What is it About?

‘La Venganza de Analía’ follows Alania who attempts to take down a high-ranking presidential candidate to exact revenge for her mother’s death. However, in her journey, Alania discovers that she might have to destroy the life of the man she loves. The beautiful, seductive woman travels abroad to take up a position as an important political advisor. Once she is ready, she returns to become Mejía’s (her rival) right hand and strategist. Alania wants to gain his trust by placing him first in the polls.

She then plans on destroying him by exposing his history of corruption and illegal actions. Alania’s end goal is to make Mejia lose his campaign and his freedom. But in this precarious quest, she learns several truths that test her decison. Packed with shocking twists at every turn, ‘La Venganza de Analía’ does not prepare you for what might happen next. As Alania uncovers her past, she finds out what had really happened to her mother.

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