Larry David Net Worth

How much is Larry David worth? $400 Million

How did Larry David earn his money and wealth?

The American television producer and writer, Lawrence Gene David, better known as Larry David was born on July. 2, 1947 in Brooklyn, New York to Jewish Parents — Rose and Morty David. Larry’s work would be contemplated as most successful in comparison to any television producer or writer. David is now known as one of the richest celebrities of US. But before having very deep pockets through his big screen career, David did not mind working his way through odd jobs. He told “60 Minutes” he was employed in a plenty of unusual jobs, including a taxi driver, chauffeur, store clerk, historian, and bra salesman.

David acquired a degree in History (1969), from the University of Maryland and then pursued Business Administration (1970). After completing graduation, David had enrolled in the US Army Reserve and volunteered his services as a limousine driver and a shop assistant. In the early 1970s, David took acting and stand-up comedy classes in Manhattan. In 1976, David was first introduced to Jerry Seinfeld and the pair became more than acquaintances. David procured the roles as a performer and writer for ABC show Fridays (1979-1982) and Saturday Night Live (1984-85).

During 1988, when NBC initiated a proposal to Seinfeld to develop a sitcom, the pair collaborated and pitched the humorous entertainment idea of “a show about nothing”. David produced the Seinfeld teaming up with the comedian Jerry, The Seinfeld Chronicles 1989 for NBC, by which they later created the Seinfeld sitcom. David was assigned the role of co-creator and executive producer of the popular sitcom Seinfeld in 1989. Seinfeld eventually emerged as one of the high-impact sitcoms in the history of television with nine successful seasons between 1989 and 1998. The television series streamed for 180 episodes spanning over 9 years and secured David two Primetime Emmys. The show alone hauled in about US$250 million in 1988. In 2000, David produced yet another sitcom for HBO named “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. And he bowled over the viewers by also starring in the series. Today, David is regarded one of the top comedy stars on television.

Many of the narrations, such as George returning to a job, are actually based on situations that had really happened to him. The godsend fortune for David materialized when Seinfeld was bartered into syndication to Columbia Tristar which raked in an estimated $650 million, in addition to his prior earning of $30 million plus all the money he has bagged since starring in Curb Your Enthusiaism.

The periodic releases of Seinfeld DVD box sets In the form of a new season every few years released to a hysterical audience have proven to be a massive marketing blitz. DVD sales can rake in another $40-50 million in Larry’s funds. In 2005, he earned a huge $55 million from this show and after receiving immense success from shows, he launched his first project Reservoir Dogs which collected $212.9 million at the worldwide box office. He has also produced numerous films which have brought in millions of dollars and won many awards for his films.

What are the most popular TV Shows of Larry David?

  1. Fridays (1980-1982)
  2. Saturday Night Live (1984-1985)
  3. Seinfeld (1989-1998)
  4. Love & War (1993)
  5. Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000)
  6. Hannah Montana (2007)
  7. My Best Friend’s Boyfriend (2011)
  8. Sour Grapes (Movie) 1998)
  9. Whatever Works (Movie) 2009)

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