Larry Fitzgerald Net Worth 

How much is Larry Fitzgerald worth? $97 Million

How did Larry Fitzgerald earn his money and wealth?

Larry Darnell Fitzgerald Jr. was born at Minneapolis in Minnesota in the year 1983. He is a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals football team. The player was drafted in the year 2004 by the third overall of the Cardinals. During his time as a student, he used to play football at the college. Here he earned the unanimous honors for All-American.

Up until now, Fitzgerald has been a part of the Pro Bowl for about 11 times. He was also named for the first team in All-Pro in the year 2008 as well as the second team in All-Pro for the year 2009 as well as 2011. He has ranked third for all time in the receptions, along with being third for receiving yards, as well as eighth for receiving touchdowns.

In the year 2004, Fitzgerald put in a petition to the NFL which wanted him to be allowed to be a part of the NFL Draft for the year 2004. He was allowed a special exception for the draft. After an exceptional performance in the sophomore year, the player was drafted for the third overall for the 2004 NFL by the team Arizona Cardinals. The coach for the team was known to Fitzgerald since he was the ball boy for Vikings. He was the very first wide receiver in the 2004 Draft to be selected. He was also the very first of the six players in Pitt Panthers that were selected the very same year.

In the year 2011, Larry signed a deal for 8 years worth $120 Million with the Arizona Cardinals which bagged him the tag of the highest earning player in the fifth position alongside Richard Seymour. He started his eleventh season for the NFL with a game against the team San Diego Chargers. In this game, he could only manage to bag one reception for a distance of 22 yards. Until the 5th game of the season, the player did not gain his first touchdown. This game was against the team Washington Redskins. Here he managed to bag about six receptions for a distance of 98 yards.

In 2015, Fitzgerald was given a contract for multi-year that was worth $11 million for the upcoming two seasons. After Steve Smith retired along with Anquan Boldin in 2016, Fitzgerald managed to become the leader in receiving yards as well as receptions. In the end of 2017, Fitzgerald tagged his name to the eleventh Pro Bowl. However, this was changed when he announced that his part shall be taken over by Doug Baldwin from Seattle.

What are the highest salaries of Larry Fitzgerald?

1-Bonus+ Signing Bonus +Salary + Contract (2011): $133,000,000

2-Salary+Signing Bonus + Contract (2004): $62,150,000

3-Salary+Contract (2008): $47,000,000

4-Contract+Signing Bonus + Salary + others (2015): $33,513,800

5-Bonus+Salary+Bonus (2012): $26,250,000

6-Bonus+Salary (2014): $12,950,000

7-Bonus+Salary (2009): $9,700,000

8-Salary (2010): $6,100,000

9-Salary+Bonus (2005): $5,305,000

10-Bonus+Salary (2013): $5,250,000

11-Salary (2007): $3,500,000

12-Salary (2006): $3,300,000

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