Law School Season 2: Everything We Know

‘Law School’ is a refreshing entry on the list of South Korean content on Netflix. The legal drama series follows the faculty and students at the Hankuk University Law School. They are compelled to protect one of their own as Professor Yang gets falsely arrested for the suspected murder of Professor Seo. The crime series is created by Kim Sok-yun, Christine Ko, and Seo In. The series originally premiered in April 2021 on JTBC and subsequently on Netflix.

The series has been praised for standing out among other South Korean shows. The viewers enjoy the way the backstories of the characters are revealed. The gripping storyline has also managed to keep the viewers hooked to the series. Naturally, as the first season has come to an end, the fans have been left wondering if there will be more. Here is everything we know about the potential season 2.

Law School Season 2 Release Date

‘Law School’ season 1 landed on April 14, 2021, on Netflix, with the season coming to an end on June 9, 2021. Episodes in the first season released on JTBC in South Korea, followed by their international release on Netflix. The first installment comprises 16 episodes with a running time of 62-66 minutes each.

As for the second season, here is what we have. No official announcement has been made regarding the renewal or cancellation of the series. However, the decision depends on the show’s performance on the South Korean television network and the streaming giant. While Netflix does not release the viewership figures, the first season seemed to be doing well in the home country. The legal drama has seen a gradual but steady rise in the number of viewers tuning in to watch the show; the thirteenth episode drew the highest number of South Korean viewers, that is, approximately 1.52 million. It is also among the highest-rated television shows nationwide.

The lead cast members were announced in mid-September 2020, and filming for season 1 began sometime in Fall 2020, according to the pictures cast members shared on social media. This means that a new season requires about 4-5 months before the episodes are ready for their on-screen debut. It might take a couple of months before the second edition is ordered. In that case, the series might stick to the same production and release schedule. Therefore, if the show is greenlit by Fall 2021, we can expect ‘Law School’ season 2 to release sometime in Spring 2022.

Law School Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

The prominent actors in the show are Kim Myung-min (Yang Jong-hoon), Kim Bum (Han Joon-hwi), Ryu Hye-young (Kang Sol A/Kang Dan/Erica Shin), and Lee Jung-eun (Kim Eun-sook). Other cast members include Lee Soo-kyung (Kang Sol B), Lee David (Seo Ji-ho), Hyun Woo (Yoo Seung-jae), Park Hyuk-kwon (Jin Hyeong-woo), Jung Won-Joong (Ko Hyeong-su), and Jo Jae-ryong (Lee Man-ho). Therefore, we can expect most of these actors to return in the potential season 2. Since Seo Byung-ju dies in the first season, we may only see Ahn Nae-sang reprise the role for flashback sequences. We might also see new cast members if new characters are introduced.

Law School Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

In the first season, the students at Hankuk University Law School do whatever they can to prove Professor Yang’s innocence as he gets falsely implicated for the death of a faculty member. It turns out that Assemblyman Ko is the main antagonist in the season, and Prosecutor Jin is very much in cahoots with him. Professor Yang and Kang Sol A manage to get the politician arrested while they try to get a confession out of him. His accomplices have also been arrested, but it is still a long road to justice. If there is a second season, we will see how Professor Yang and his students use their legal knowledge and work together. The potential season 2 could either continue the same storyline or introduce a new case that the law students and their professors will work on.

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