Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 10: What To Expect?

Legends of Tomorrow‘ season 6 episode 9 is a classic time-travel episode that follows our favorite group of superheroes trying to repair the timeline in 2023. The episode is chock-full of meta-references and brings about a series of major revelations. The Legends try to catch an alien while being completely oblivious to the fact that it is Behrad’s birthday. You can find a detailed summary of the latest’s episode in the recap section. For folks eagerly awaiting the release of next week’s episode, here’s everything you need to know about ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 6 episode 10!

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 10 Release Date

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 6 episode 10 is scheduled to air on July 18, 2021, at 8 pm ET on The CW. New episodes of the show, with a runtime of approximately 45 minutes, are released on the network weekly, every Sunday.

Where To Stream Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 10 Online?

To watch ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 6 episode 10 on your television screens, simply tune in to The CW at the date and time mentioned above. You can also choose to watch the new episode on The CW’s official website or The CW mobile app using your active cable subscription details to log in. Folks without an active cable subscription can stream the new episode on live TV streaming services such as XfinityDirecTVFubo TVYoutube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Apple TV. You may also choose to purchase the latest episode on VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime, Google PlayiTunes, Microsoft Store, and Vudu.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 10 Spoilers

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 6 episode 10 is titled ‘Bad Blood.’ It will focus on Constantine as he tries to regain his magical abilities. He will likely head in search of the Fountain of Imperium and might receive some company in the form of Spooner. On their quest, which takes them to the last days of the Spanish Civil War, Spooner will likely make a new friend. The presence of Gus will possibly shake up the dynamic between the Waverider crew. Meanwhile, Mick will have to deal with his newfound pregnancy and receive help from Sara and Lita. Here’s a promo for episode 10!

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 6 episode 9 is titled ‘This Is Gus.’ The ninth installment opens with the Legends heading to Vancouver 2023 to catch an alien named Gusarax. A primitive attempt from Spooner to stop the alien’s pod ends up in its crash landing on the sets of a sitcom called ‘Bud Stuy,’ which happens to be Behrad’s favorite show. The show’s showrunner, Kamran, wishes to incorporate the alien into the show’s plot, which upsets Kamran’s brother, Imran, the show’s lead star.

Meanwhile, Mick learns that Lita is pregnant and reacts badly to the news. Behrad’s behavior begins to change with the changes made to the show. Nate befreinds the alien and Behrad gives it the nickname of Gus Gus. Since the show had a huge impact on Behrad’s childhood, he is drastically changed after Imran quits the show and the totems are erased from the timeline. Astra and Zari manage to convince Imran and Kamran to patch things up.

This results in the timeline getting restored, and Behrad is back to normal. The crew celebrates Behrad’s birthday on the Waverider and throws him a party. At the party, Zari Tomaz (aka the original Zari) arrives after Zari Tarazi trades places with her. Mick also accepts Lita’s to-be-born baby and the baby’s father, Nico. The episode ends with Gary revealing that Kayla impregnated Mick (by laying eggs in his ear) when they had sex.

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