Lights Out With David Spade Season 1: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Host, Update

‘Lights Out With David Spade’ is a late-night comedy series that airs on Comedy Central. Covering everything humorous and anything non-political, it focuses on the worlds of celebrities and entertainment. The stand-up show is executive produced by David Spade, Alex Murray, and Marc Gurvitz. Elizabeth Plonka is credited as the director.

Lights Out With David Spade Cast: Who is in it?

‘Lights Out With David Spade’ is presented by David Spade. The actor, stand-up comedian, and TV personality had been a cast member of ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the 1990s. His acting credits include his performances on comedies such as ‘Rules of Engagement’, ‘Just Shoot Me!’, ‘Tommy Boy’, and ‘Joe Dirt’.

According to Jonas Larsen (executive producer for Comedy Central’, “When we started doing research into who his fan base is — and also with his Instagram and Twitter presence, which is pretty robust — we discovered that there is this universal love for David Spade.” He also added that Spade is the perfect choice for this late-night segment on the platform because he has a huge fan following on social media channels. Moreover, since Spade himself wanted to be part of a nightly show, he was the ideal fit.

‘Lights Out’ is Spade’s second project with Comedy Central. Before this, he had appeared on the ‘Showbiz Show with David Spade’, a series that aired following a weekly schedule from 2005 to 2007, spanning three seasons. Its concept was primarily to make fun of celebrity-related news programs such as ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’, among others.

Lights Out With David Spade Plot: What is it about?

‘Lights Out With David Spade’ features Spade and group of his equally humorous friends as they sit across a roundtable and decode the day’s main headlines. Most of the topics discussed here revolve around popular culture and the show uses multiple sketches and field segments to act out the scenes.

If you already know Spade’s signature comedy style, then you would be familiar with his sarcastic and self-depreciatory approach. Hence, ‘Lights Out’ brings a completely new twist to the already existing titles on Comedy Central’s catalog. It is a series that airs after the ‘The Daily Show’ slot and does not focus on political discussions. If you have noted the trend, the cable network, in this particular time period, has always aired shows that highlight the major social and political headlines. To cite a few examples, Stephen Colbert’s ‘Colbert Report’, Larry Wilmore’s ‘Nightly Show’, and Jordan Klepper’s ‘The Opposition’ previously have occupied this slot.

Lights Out With David Spade Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Lights Out with David Spade’ season 1 premieres on Comedy Central on Monday, July 29, 2019, at 11.30 pm ET/PT. It joins the channel’s late-night slate of programming, airing after the cable network’s signature series, ‘The Daily Show’. It follows a four-day weekly run, after Trevor Noah’s evening series, from Monday through Thursday. ‘Lights Out’ is Comedy Central’s third attempt to include a regular title that can act as a constant companion to ‘Daily’. Before this, we saw other names such as ‘The Colbert Report’ (which concluded in 2014), ‘The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore’, and ‘The Opposition With Jordan Klepper’. But both of them witnessed pretty short runs. So it is yet to be seen what the audience makes of this one.

Spade takes up the mantle and joins a slot that’s already too crowded for space. He will be directly competing with James Corden on CBS and Lilly Singh on NBC and Conan O’Brien on TBS. We hope that viewers will welcome this change, especially since the show is apolitical.

Comedy Central has not announcement how long will season 1 continue. If it is looking to compete against the above mentioned shows, then we are looking at a longer run. The network might choose to extend its run or even renew it for another season based on audience’s reaction. We will update this section with more concrete news as and when we learn more.

Lights Out With David Spade Trailer:

We do not have a full-fledged official trailer for ‘Lights Out With David Spade’ season 1 yet. But check out this teaser from the series below. It will give you an idea of what this show is all about. You can also head to their official website of you wish to check out more clips from the series.

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