Fact Check: Did Lil Cuete Die?

Contrary to the fake news doing the rounds on social media, Lil Cuete is alive and doing well. The American rapper was born and raised in Norwalk and is an active part of the Los Angeles hip hop scene. A lot of Lil Cuete’s work is based around the Surenos and different elements of the Los Angeles gang culture. His music is released by the East Side Records, and Lil Cuete’s done it all – from gangster rap to love-themed music. He’s also amassed a steady fan following in the process, which is why people have been concerned about the news stating that Lil Cuete passed away. So, how did the rumors about his demise begin?

Lil Cuete Death Rumors, Explained:

Rumors about Lil Cuete’s death can be easily traced to the rapper’s social media account. It appears that Lil Cuete’s Instagram profile was hacked, and a post was put up stating that ‘Today we lost Lil Cuete.’ The simple declaration was followed by a broken heart emoticon, before notifying the public there’d be no kind of fundraising, like GoFundMe. The post was supposedly authored on behalf of Lil Cuete’s family. Though it’s been taken down now, you can see it attached to a fan’s tweet below. The netizen is visibly concerned about Lil Cuete’s state and can be seen asking others if the news of his demise is real.

He’s not the only one since the fake news snowballed into a severe problem with all the Twitteratti jumping onto the bandwagon. You can check out a few other such posts below.

Ultimately, Lil Cuete got a harsh awakening when reality came knocking at his door. Without wasting any time, he’s addressed the issue via an Instagram post. The rapper’s captioned it, throwing shade at the hacker and saying, “I’m still here!! My enemies and my haters aren’t that lucky to get rid of me that easy they still got a deal with me I’m not going nowhere!! CUETE SAiD IT.” See the entire clip below.


Thus, it is evident that Lil Cuete’s been subjected to a hack, and therefore a celebrity death hoax. He’s thanked his manager for working tirelessly around the clock so he could regain control of his Instagram account. Lil Cuete’s assured fans that he’ll get to the bottom of the matter. Typically, we’d tell fans to verify any news they see on the internet. However, in this case, an exception can be made since it’s quite a unique situation for a celebrity profile to get hacked. Having seen the news of Lil Cuete’s death on his Instagram account, several fans jumped to the likely conclusion that the information is accurate.

After all, on many occasions, family members make use of a celebrity’s profile to break the news of their demise. Most recently, Chadwick Boseman’s Twitter account let fans know of his untimely death. Thus, while we understand viewers’ susceptibility to believe news coming from official celebrity accounts, it is best to verify whether major news outlets have reported on it as well. Nonetheless, as a final word, Lil Cuete is alive and prepared to find out who hacked his profile and started the baseless death rumor.

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