Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, News

As is evident from its title, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club stars the American actress and businesswoman herself and revolves around her beach club in Mykonos, Greece – its day-to-day management, interactions with the staff and clients, and most importantly, Lindsay Lohan’s future plans for the club. The reality series is an MTV product that premiered on January 8, 2019. The show was mostly well-received, however, several reviewers criticized Lohan for her lack of screen time throughout its 12 episodes. Season 1 of the docu-series aired its final episode on March 25, 2019.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Cast: Who is in it?

At the forefront of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club is Lindsay Lohan herself, who with her latest venture into entrepreneurship has added the title of a beach club manager to her already overflowing portfolio that includes model, singer, actress, and fashion designer. The multidimensional personality is set to establish standards of vacation luxury with her Beach House in Mykonos, Greece. She is assisted by her trusted creative partner, Panos Spentzos, along with whom she leads a team of VIP professionals: Gabi Andrews, Billy Estevez, Brent Marks, Aristotle Polites, Sara Tariq, Jonitta Wallace, Mike Mulderrig, Jules Wilson, May Yassine, Alex Moffitt, Kailah Casillas and Kyle Marvé who are hired as bottle servers, hosts and bartenders catering to the needs of their clients. 

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Plot: What is it about?

It all began back in October 2016 when Lindsay Lohan launched her first nightclub in Athens, Greece, named the Lohan Nightclub, with Dennis Papageorgiou, her business partner. Two other clubs followed in 2018 – Lohan Beach House Mykonos on the Mykonos island and Lohan Beach House Rhodes on the lalysos Beach. Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club focuses on her Mykonos Beach House.

Lindsay Lohan is concerned with protecting her brand at all costs and is seen firing ambassadors left and right to prove her worth as a tough manager. She starts off with over half a dozen handpicked professionals serving various purposes at the club from hosting new clients to bar-tending and serving cocktails. As the season end draws closer, she is left with the final four “Ambassadors” who will stick around to represent the future management team of the club.

The reality TV series neck-deep in drama and outlandish behaviour by its hosts and guests who appear on the show. During one incident, the most shocking of all, host Mike goes way off character and displays borderline discourteous behaviour towards guests Sophie and Nathan from the Geordie Shore. He proceeds to flirt with Sophie and sends sensual messages to Nathan. There is stripping and a rather distasteful remark made by Mike as he puts a piece of bread up his butt and offers it to Nathan. It is the limit for Lohan and Panos who decide to cut him off the crew for this unacceptable conduct.

Lohan proceeds to say, “Mike didn’t just like moon people, he took his pants off. It’s so disrespectful, and it makes me look like a horrible person and that I’m not a good boss and that I’m not good at doing this job.” When Panos is giving out assignments to the rest of the crew, Mike finds out he is in for nothing. Panos says, “There were small kids there watching the whole situation. You should pack your stuff then and leave.”  Jules, Alex, Kailah are other ambassadors to be fired from their positions.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Season 1 of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club wrapped up on March 25, 2019. By the end of the first season, Lohan managed to shortlist her four American hosts who will proceed to work on the management team at her Athens’ nightclub. As per Billboard, the show was “one of the top five new cable shows of the 2018-19 season-to-date among young adults.”

Lindsay Lohan is all set for a few more seasons in the series. She shared her take on what another season might look like saying, “I have another [club] in Athens that opens over the summer [so] I might separate [the cast] and bring in different people!” The show definitely has a lot to offer, and it looks to have a promising future. We believe season 2 of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club will return sometime in January 2020.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Trailer:

Watch the trailer of its first season below while you wait for its next.

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