Little Fires Everywhere E06: What’s In Store?

Little Fires Everywhere Filming Locations

Little Fires Everywhere’ is a mini-series by Hulu that tackles race head-on. Its central theme revolves around the fragility of seemingly perfect lives and social privilege. Apart from that, motherhood is also a dominant theme and one of the strongest appeals of the show is how cohesively such complex ideas are weaved into a compelling narrative.

The fifth episode of ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ delves into Elena’s past as she heads to New York to dig up some information on Mia. Apart from finding out something truly shocking, Elena also receives a form of intervention from an old acquaintance which makes her question her choices in life.

Little Fires Everywhere Episode 6 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ episode 6 is scheduled to release on April 8, 2020 on Hulu. Usually, the streaming service uploads new episodes around 12:00 AM E.T. However, the first three episodes had been dropped before the original date as a surprise for fans. Hence, one might get to catch the sixth episode before April 8, 2020. Apart from the first three episodes which were released at the same time, ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ follows a weekly format with a new episode slated to be aired every Wednesday.

How to Watch Little Fires Everywhere Episode 6 Online?

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ is a Hulu original. Hence it can be only watched on that streaming service after the above-mentioned time slot. Hulu offers three plans, with its most basic one priced at $5.99 a month. The $11.99 a month pack allows users to watch content without ads and download episodes for offline viewing. Moreover, Hulu also offers a plan at $54.99 a month with a live TV service. However, you can get a one-week free trial before starting any of the plans.

Little Fires Everywhere Episode 6 Spoilers

The sixth episode of ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ is titled ‘The Uncanny.’ It is difficult to speculate what the episode might be about from its title. The fifth episode of the Hulu mini-series ends with a major revelation: that Pearl is not Mia’s daughter.

With just three episodes remaining in the mini-series, one can expect some form of exposition of that revelation. Viewers would naturally have been left with tons of questions regarding the exact nature of Mia and Pearl’s relationship. However, it will be interesting to see whether Elena decides to take some swift action with the newfound information.

Apart from that, viewers can expect the love triangle storyline between Pearl, Trip and Moody to continue. In the fifth episode, they are seen holding hands and sharing an intimate moment together. This plot arc can advance in two ways from this point forward: the sixth episode might depict Pearl and Trip getting closer or Moody finding out about them beforehand. Either way, one can expect tons of drama.

Moreover, the fifth episode also adds another brushstroke to Elena’s character. Viewers are left to wonder whether she is really happy with her picture-perfect life. Given the fact that Bill is representing Linda, one can expect some form of conflict arising between him and Elena (their marriage is far from perfect anyway) as the plot simmers towards a juicy conclusion.

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