Little Fires Everywhere Finale: What to Expect?

Little Fires Everywhere Filming Locations

Little Fires Everywhere’ is just a single episode away from a literally fiery conclusion. The Hulu mini-series, based on Celeste Ng’s novel of the same name, has successfully managed to capture an engaging narrative, driven by multiple, heavily layered themes. So far, Shaker Heights resident Elena and newcomer Mia have been depicted engaging in a fierce custody battle for Mirabelle. The two have gone to great lengths to ensure their respective friend wins. The seventh episode sees the court proceedings finally begin. Here’s everything we know about Little Fires Everywhere season 1 finale.

Little Fires Everywhere Episode 8 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ episode 8 is scheduled to release on April 22, 2020, on Hulu. Usually, the streaming service uploads new episodes around 12:00 AM E.T. However, the first three episodes had been dropped before the original date as a surprise for fans. Hence, one might get to catch the eighth episode before April 22, 2020. Apart from the first three episodes which were released at the same time, ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ follows a weekly format with a new episode slated to be aired every Wednesday.

How to Watch Little Fires Everywhere Episode 8 Online?

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ is a Hulu original. Hence it can only be watched on that streaming service after the above-mentioned time slot. Hulu offers three plans, with its most basic one priced at $5.99 a month. The $11.99 a month pack allows users to watch content without ads and download episodes for offline viewing. Moreover, Hulu also offers a plan at $54.99 a month with live TV service. However, you can get a one-week free trial before starting any of the plans.

Little Fires Everywhere Episode 8 Spoilers:

The eighth episode of ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ will mark the heated conclusion to the Hulu mini-series. We are both excited about it and avoiding the fact that the show is going to end. Hence, one can expect all the tiny plot arcs to reach a fruitful conclusion.

Firstly, viewers can expect to find out what happens to Bebe and Linda’s case. In the seventh episode, Bill is shown not asking Mia about Pearl’s true biological parents. Perhaps, the eighth episode will shed light on why he chooses to do so. This should accompany the court’s verdict.

Moreover, another major mystery that would be solved in the finale would be the person responsible for burning Elena’s house down. Almost all the major characters can be suspected of doing so as they have a good reason: it could be Izzy due to her gradual fallout with Elena. Moreover, it could be Moody as he sees Trip and Pearl get out of the car together, and the former put his arm around the latter. It can also be Lexie since she just broke up with Brian. Lastly, it could also be either Pearl or Mia. The two will be depicted leaving Shaker Heights in the final episode.

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