Little Things Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Update

‘Little Things’, a sensitive, light-hearted, and heartwarming Indian web television series, is basically directed toward the millennial generation, attempting to balance fledgling careers, personal relationships, and wandering minds. It originally premiered on Pocket Aces’ channel, Dice Media, in October 2016. But the show received so much of positive response from viewers that it was eventually picked up by Netflix for international viewing. Here, it was released in October 2018.

The tale is about two 20-something individuals, Dhruv and Kavya, who are in a live-in relationship in Mumbai, India. The episodes follow a simple plotline, which revolves around the couple discussing issues of everyday life through their conversations.

When the second season ended, fans were not quite expecting another part — since the story concludes with the protagonists deciding to give some space to each other. However, after an unexpected turn of events, Netflix announced a third season in October 2019, which premiered in November 2019. Now, will there be a ‘Little Things’ season 4? Let’s find out.

Little Things Cast: Who is in it?

Almost the entire plot of ‘Little Things’ is led by the protagonists, Dhruv Vats, played by Dhruv Sehgal and Kavya Kulkarni, played by Mithila Palkar. Sehgal is also the writer and creator of the series, apart from portraying one of the central characters. Palkar, on the other hand, is an Indian actress, who has appeared in the Indian tv series ‘Girl in the City’, short film ‘Majha Honeymoon’, ‘Katti Batti’, ‘Karwaan’, and the Netflix original film ‘Chopsticks’.

Little Things Plot: What is it about?

When ‘Little Things’ first launched in 2016, it was a very simple story, dubbed as a comedy-drama, which follows Dhruv and Kayva as they live together in their Mumbai flat, debate about trifling things, and spend their time lazing, eating, or visiting nearby places. However, with the debut of season 2, we witness the series taking a more serious approach, with the couple analyzing their lives, their relationship, and attempting to balance their dreams with their careers.

Season 3 begins with Dhruv traveling to Bangalore and the pair having to deal with the concept of long distance for the first time. Dhruv leaves for his research that would last for six months while Kavya adjusts to a life without her partner. After countless days of missed calls and unanswered messages, they both start adapting to their new lives — Kavya makes new friends while Dhruv settles down in his campus and focuses on academics. And in these six months, we see a considerable change in both the character arcs.

Additionally, the third season introduces us to several new faces. We meet Dhruv and Kavya’s families, which then gives us detailed insights into the livelihood of India’s upper middle class, in terms of culture, values, and approach to life. The show also makes the protagonists realize that their parents are growing old, which adds another concern to their list of worries. Again, we witness how close-knit families can sometimes tend to smother their children. For instance, regular questions about marriage compel the youngsters to get frustrated since they have no intention of rushing things at the moment.

‘Little Things’ is a heartfelt, realistic series that anyone can relate to. It focuses on millennial relationships and how the current individualistic generation survives in an increasingly urbanized India.

Little Things Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Little Things’ season 3 premiered in all its entirety on November 9, 2019 on Netflix. The fan-favorite series definitely keeps up to the expectations of its audience in the third season by exploring the characters further. While Kavya and Dhruv take huge steps to give room to each other to grow, it comes with its own risks. But this decision also shows their growing maturity — even though it might make them lose one another.

A show that first launched as a humorous, light-hearted comedy, we must acknowledge that ‘Little Things’ has evolved — both on narrative and technical levels, by diving into adult problems and dissecting them in a detailed manner.

Now, as far as another season goes, we must say that we are hopeful — since many of Dhruv’s and Kavya’s issues still need to be solved. Additionally, in one of the episodes in season 3, there is a dream sequence that directly exposes the couple’s deepest fears. Now, if you have watched the show, you would know that this scene, in fact, sets up the stage for a fourth season.

Although Netflix has not come up with an announcement yet, we do know that season 3 arrived somewhat unexpectedly. So let’s wait. We can expect additional updates by the beginning of next year. Our best guess is that ‘Little Things’ season 4 will release sometime in November 2020.

Little Things Trailer:

While we wait for an update on ‘Little Things’ season 4 release date, check out the official trailer for season 3 below:

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