Live PD Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Host, Recap, Update

‘Live PD’ is a weekly live documentary that gives viewers an inside look into America’s busiest police departments. The A&E series follows cops as they patrol their communities — in real-time — lending unfiltered and raw access into their activities. Produced by Big Fish Entertainment, it originally premiered on October 28, 2016. Although the initial order was for four two-hour-long episodes, its massive popularity led it to be extended for another 21 episodes.

After spanning 233 episodes over a course of three seasons, ‘Live PD’ was renewed for yet another installment. Here’s all we know about its latest season.

Live PD Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Live PD’ season 3 premiered on A&E on September 21, 2018. It was then renewed for another 150 episodes, to continue its run throughout 2019. A fourth installment has already been announced by the creators. ‘Live PD’ Season 4 is set to premiere on September 20, 2019. ‘Live PD’ is yet another addition to A&E’s slate of programming that addresses important issues. This includes the channel’s two Emmy-winning and critically acclaimed series — ‘Born This Way‘ and ‘Intervention‘.

Since its launch in 2016, this police-centric documentary has been garnering steady viewership — amounting to 1.1 million viewers as per Nielsen Live+7 ratings. According to Elaine Frontain Bryant, Executive Vice President & Head of Programming, A&E Network: “We’re proud to be the destination for a series that is not only at the cutting edge of technological achievements but is also bold in nature.” He further added, “By presenting an unfiltered look at how our country is being policed and prompting the thought-provoking conversation that follows, we’ve tapped into the cultural zeitgeist in a way that no other show has before.”

Live PD Cast: Who is in it?’

Web entrepreneur and television presenter, Dan Abrams serves as the host of ‘Live PD’. He is a former chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News and presents ‘The Dan Abrams Show: Where Politics Meets The Law’ as well as ‘Grace Vs Abrams’. Also a best-selling author and a legal commentator, he had previously anchored for ‘Nightline’. Joining him and offering an analysis of the covered cases are Tom Morris Jr. and Sgt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin.  While Morris is a special police officer and crime reporter from Washington, D.C., Larkin is from Tulsa PD. Most of the time, each episode also features an additional officer who is shown on the field.

Live PD Plot: What is it about?

Each episode on ‘Live PD’ follows cops from both rural and urban police departments as they start with their regular nightly patrols, equipped with dash cams, fixed rig, and handheld cameras. Dan Abrams, alongside police officials, narrates the events unfolding on-screen while explaining the scenes in real-time. The narration shifts between the activities at the police station and the live incident being depicted on that particular episode. There is even a live social media element that lends audiences a behind-the-scenes view of the ‘Live PD’ studio.

This documented police show tells its stories through live video feeds from multiple law enforcement agencies throughout the US. Occasionally, there is sensitive content, confidential or inappropriate material being aired. Therefore, A&E broadcasts the episodes after a certain delay, that can range from a few seconds to several minutes.

Over the years, since ‘Live PD’ directly reports live incidents, there have been several cases that would not have otherwise aired on conventional police titles. One instance is the coverage of a certain incident from the Bridgeport Police Department when Sergeant Chris Robinson breaks down before the camera after he learns that a 13-month-old baby, Michael Citron, died on his way to the hospital while his ambulance was being escorted by Robinson. The child passed away because of an adverse reaction to antihistamine medication.

Yet on another episode, a drug deal fiasco ends up killing 37-year-old Benjamin Johnson. His family recognizes him after the incident airs on tv. Again, Senior Deputy Chris Mastrianni is called in to tackle a fight that breaks out in a house party. He arrives at the scene and a car passes him at a speed of around 90 mph. Mastrianni immediately initiates a traffic stop but the vehicle eludes him for several minutes. Finally, the car turns a corner, hits a power pole’s support wire, and rolls over. The driver is then revealed to be a father with a 2-year-old daughter. Cpl. Mark Laureano and Senior Deputy Katelyn Jasak later arrive and take the man into custody and carry the toddler to safety.

‘Live PD’ is an attempt from A&E to showcase transparency in law enforcement as per demands from the general populace. According to Rob Sharenow, EVP and General Manager of A&E and Lifetime. “‘Live PD’ will not only highlight the difficult work being done by our men and women in uniform as they go out into the streets never knowing what to expect but also answers citizens’ calls for clarity.”

Live PD Trailer:

A&E has not released a full-fledged trailer for the show. However, you can check out the trailer from one of its episodes from season 3. Additionally, you can head to A&E if you wish to catch up on all its previously released episodes.

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