Lone Star Justice Plot: What is it about?

In each of the episodes of this six-part series, we witness a different case that shook Texas to the core when it happened. The team of detectives retraces the case by re-enacting crime scenes, showcasing pieces of evidence, and describing solving-plus-deduction techniques that they had used to finally deliver the criminal to justice. The show tries to recount these cases by means of detailed interviews, accurate recreations, discussions with the victims’ friends and family, and interviews with media and law enforcement officials. The episode then ends by describing how the case had finally culminated during that time.

In one of the episodes we see Sheriff Smith and his team investigate a crime where a 19-year-old girl is found shot dead. It is with the help of forensic experts that they are finally able to catch the culprit. In another episode, the detectives focus on an unique case of a murder that has remained unsolved before suddenly a woman comes in and asks the detective to reopen the case. It is only after a rigorous investigation that justice is finally served.

In another interesting episode we see the three expert investigators trying to find the truth behind an apparently open-and-shut case which was earlier presumed to be suicide. Then, there’s a case where a dad discovers his son’s mutilated corpse, beaten, strangled, and stabbed to death. At first sight, it looks like a robbery. But further investigations led to the discovery of a devastating tale of love, conspiracy, greed, and murder.

One of the strangest case that detectives deal with is about William Young II, whose body was discovered by a dog walker. He had died from a gunshot. Although investigations led to two suspects, the perpetrator could not be apprehended due to lack of evidence. 13 years later, Smith, Rasco, and Dunklin were able to make a witness talk and spill the beans.

Overall, the show might be difficult to watch at times, fans of crime and detective shows would appreciate the diligence and detective work of the investigators. It will be interesting to see what cases do the makers pick for the next season.