Where to Stream Long Way Up?

Being on the road has never been as fun as we see in ‘Long Way Up.’ Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman take us through South and Central America, starting from Argentina and ending in Los Angeles. If you enjoy motorbikes and budding friendships, this series is right up your alley. It also happens to be the third part of two other travel documentaries – ‘Long Way Round’ and ‘Long Way Down.’ The first follows the duo from London to New York, while the second sees them traveling from Scotland through Europe and landing up in Cape Town, South Africa. Curious to know where to stream ‘Long Way Up’? We have got you covered, but first, let us tell you a little more about it.

What is Long Way Up About?

‘Long Way Up’ features the central pair, riding Harley Davidsons, traversing 13,000 miles, going through 13 countries, over a hundred days. They start in September 2019 and finish in December of the same year. We see unexplored and challenging landscapes, as the duo make their way through – with some assistance from cutting-edge technology. Ewan and Boorman are fantastic companions who make the journey informative and entertaining.

Is Long Way Up on Netflix?

Netflix maintains a laudable roster of movies and shows, which is what sets the platform apart as a preferred choice. There are several documentaries to fill the wanderlust in viewers. While ‘Long Way Up’ is not on the site, you can check out ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive.’ It is one of the most intense racing competitions, and vehicle lovers are bound to flock to it. We learn about the lives of managers and drivers on and off the tracks.

Is Long Way Up on Hulu?

Hulu keeps an updated list of movies and shows, so the platform attracts new viewers each day. While ‘Long Way Up’ is not on Hulu, you can check out ‘Travel Man: 48 Hours in…‘ If you enjoy seeing new places, you’ll love the ruthlessly efficient approach to travel here, where the best tourist spots are covered in 48 hours.

Is Long Way Up on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime gathers films and shows from all around the world, so viewers have varied options available at all times. ‘Long Way Up’ is not on Prime, but you can watch ‘GRAND PRIX Driver,’ which takes you into the prestigious McLaren team. We see the drivers, leaders, and engineers and learn what it takes to compete at the highest levels.

Where to Watch Long Way Up Online?

‘Long Way Up’ is an Apple TV exclusive, so you will be able to watch it on the platform. The show rolls out episodes weekly, so don’t expect to catch it all at once.

Where to Stream Long Way Up For Free?

The only way to watch ‘Long Way Up’ for free is to have an Apple ID, and use the Apple TV trial period. We urge readers to pay for the art they consume.

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