Longmire: Cancelled or Renewed?

Longmire’ is an American crime drama television series that used to air on the A&E network and currently airs on Netflix. Developed by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin, the series is based on best-selling American author Craig Allen Johnson’s Walt Longmire Mystery series of novels, which contains 20 books thus far, published between 2004 and 2018. Being an adaptation, the show, like the books, chronicles the investigations and adventures of the titular character, Sheriff Walt Longmire.

A relatively old show, Season 1 of ‘Longmire’ first premiered on the A&E network on June 3, 2012. Upon release, Season 1 was hailed by television critics and viewers alike for its pace and the performances of the cast members. In the two years that followed, A&E released Seasons 2 and 3 of the show, both of which were also deemed to be successes. However, despite its successes and large fan base, A&E, on August 28, 2014, canceled ‘Longmire’ after Season 3. Following the cancellation, fans of the show launched one of the largest save-the-show campaigns ever, pressurizing A&E to revive ‘Longmire’ again. While A&E paid no heed to viewers’ demands, someone else heard the call.

Three months later, ‘Longmire’ was given a fresh shot at life after Netflix acquired rights to it and announced that it would be producing more episodes. Subsequently, a little over a year later, Season 4 of ‘Longmire’ premiered on Netflix on September 10, 2015, and it was followed by the releases of Season 5 and Season 6 on September 23, 2016,and November 17, 2017, respectively. If you’re wondering whether ‘Longmire’ will be making a return, we have bad news for you. Read on to know more.

Longmire Cast: Who’s in it?

In the show, Robert Taylor plays the part of the titular character, Sheriff Walt Longmire, who is the long-standing sheriff of the fictional Absaroka County in Wyoming. Walt, like iconic heroes of classical Westerns, is a pensive and reserved man who has few words to spare. Endowed with a strong sense of duty and justice, Walt is also shown to have a knack for solving crimes.

Katee Sackhoff, meanwhile, plays the role of Walt’s deputy, Victoria “Vic” Moretti. A former homicide detective for the Philadelphia Police Department, Vic assists Walt with various cases, and the two later go on to have a relationship.

Playing the role of Walt’s childhood friend and confidante, Henry Standing Bear, is Lou Diamond Phillips. A Cheyenne by birth, Henry possesses excellent tracking skills, and as the show progresses, he grows in stature and becomes a very important character who often helps Walt and his daughter, Cady Longmire.

Meanwhile, Cassidy Freeman plays the role of Walt’s daughter Cady, who is an attorney for a local law firm. Additionally,  Bailey Chase plays the role of Branch Connally, an ambitious deputy who has a romantic relationship with Cady. Finally, Adam Bartley plays the under-confident but sharp deputy, Archie “The Ferg” Ferguson, whose eclectic knowledge has helped in many cases.

While the aforementioned cast members play the main characters in the show, there are dozens of other cast members who play minor characters who recur throughout the show.

Longmire Plot: What’s it about?

The show follows the life of Sheriff Walt Longmire a year after the tragic death of his wife. Struggling to overcome the grief and isolation after her passing, Walt tries to turn his life around by focusing on police work. As the show progresses, Walt, aided by his friend Henry, goes on to solve several law enforcement issues in the fictional Absaroka County in Wyoming.

Life for Walt, however, gets complicated when the truth about his wife’s death surfaces. While Walt always knew that she had been murdered, he had kept the truth from his daughter Cady and others. After the truth comes to light, a lot of drama follows, and we eventually find that the murder suspect himself has been murdered. Of course, Walt denies killing the man, but as investigations continue, it increasingly points towards his Cheyenne friend Henry. As the story progresses, the drama and mystery surrounding the death of Walt’s wife intensifies, Walt is confronted with other problems pertaining to his professional and personal life. Yet, with each passing season, we find Walt slowly reinvigorating his life on both professional and personal fronts.

In terms of reception, ‘Longmire’ enjoys quite the critical acclaim, and has a solid score of 88% review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. The show has also been nominated for several awards, and has gone on to win four, including two Western Heritage Awards. Among viewers, ‘Longmire’ also enjoys quite a bit of popularity, and the show boasts a solid overall rating of 8.3/10, based on over 25,000 votes.

Longmire Season 7: Renewed or Canceled?

After a successful run of five seasons, ‘Longmire’ was renewed for Season 6 on November 2, 2016. However, during the renewal announcement, Netflix had also announced that Season 6 would be the last one of the show.

When this announcement was made, executive producers Greer Shephard, Hunt Baldwin and John Coveny had told Deadline, “We are grateful to Netflix for the opportunity to compose a closing chapter for these beloved characters that inspires lasting memories. Most importantly, we’re committed to delivering a dynamic and satisfying conclusion to our fans that rewards their longtime loyalty.”

A year after the announcement, Season 6 of ‘Longmire’ premiered on Netflix on November 17, 2017, marking the end of the long-running and revered series.

Longmire Trailer:

Since ‘Longmire’ has ended, there are no trailers to look forward to. However, here is the trailer for Season 6 to give you a glimpse into the show and what awaits in its final season.

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