Losing Alice Episode 4: What To Expect?

‘Losing Alice’ is an Israeli psychosexual noir drama that revolves around a creatively stifled film director, her strained marriage with a famous actor, and her growing obsession with the script (and the scriptwriter) of her latest film. Alice Ginor hasn’t directed a movie in years, but a chance encounter with a young, spirited scriptwriter gives her a doorway back into the game.

But her husband, David, is already cast as the lead actor for the film ‘Room 209’, and he is not all that excited about his wife coming on board as the director. The writer of ‘Room 209’ (an erotic thriller film) is the enigmatic and compelling Sophie, who becomes Alice’s object of obsession. Let’s give you a little preview of the upcoming fourth episode of this suspenseful and erotic mini-series.

Losing Alice Episode 4 Release Date

‘Losing Alice’ episode 4 is set to release on January 29, 2021, at 12 am ET, on Apple TV+. It consists of eight episodes with a runtime of an hour each. New episodes are slated to drop every week on Fridays.

Where To Watch Losing Alice Episode 4 Online?

As of now, you can stream ‘Losing Alice’ episode 4 by subscribing to Apple TV+. Subscribers of Apple TV+ can also choose to download the episodes to their Apple devices, should they want to watch it offline.

Losing Alice Episode 4 Spoilers

‘Losing Alice’ episode 4 is titled ‘The Obsession’ and the official synopsis reads as follows – “After auditioning actresses for the lead role, Alice believes she’s found the perfect candidate — until Sophie makes a surprising move.” So it looks like Alice and Sophie have more creative differences coming up and possibly another argument. At this point, we will not be surprised if Sophie pulls an inappropriate stunt to get herself cast as the female lead. After all, that seems like something Sophie would totally do.

Losing Alice Episode 3 Recap

In the third episode of ‘Losing Alice,’ titled ‘The Bond,’ Alice struggles to lead an all-male crew as she takes on Sophie’s film as director. Alice goes to Sophie’s apartment to discuss the script but finds Sophie in the middle of a tense shouting match with her much older boyfriend. Alice and Sophie exchange words over some creative differences when they don’t see eye to eye on certain aspects of the script.

As a way of making up, Sophie takes Alice to a dance class, which loosens some of Alice’s inhibitions. They bond further as they have dinner on a boat and go swimming in the sea. Later, while driving home, Alice gets pulled over and loses her license for a month as a result of a DUI. Sophie drives her home and crashes at her place. Later in the night, Sophie creepily snoops around Alice’s house and initiates a highly inappropriate encounter with David while Alice is asleep.

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