Will There be a ‘Lost Girls’ Sequel?

Netflix’s ‘Lost Girls’ follows the Long Island Serial Killer case where the bodies of various sex workers were discovered after a woman started looking into the disappearance of her daughter. Starring Amy Ryan as Mari Gilbert, the film brings to light the discrimination and prejudice that the cops maintain against certain people, nullifying the whole concept of justice in the first place. The film ends with an unsettling turn in the story, and just as it is in reality, leaves the case open-ended. Does this mean that there will be a sequel? Let’s find out.

Will there be a Lost Girls 2?

‘Lost Girls’ premiered on Netflix on March 13, 2020. The film received praise for the strong performances by its cast and the restlessness that it leaves the viewer with. (You can read our review of the film here.) The director, Liz Garbus, had expressed her hope that the film would re-spark the conversation about the LSIK case and give it a new direction. The film doesn’t break any ground on the identity of the killer, rather focuses on Mari Gilbert’s search for her daughter.

Considering the interest that the Long Island serial killings had received and the fact that it is one of the most recent and the biggest unsolved true-crime guarantees that the viewers will flock towards it. Only time will tell how popular the film becomes and Netflix, too, would take its time to figure out whether or not it can consider the film a success. In the end, this is what will decide whether or not the streaming service wants to continue the story. If they do make a sequel, we expect it to release sometime in 2021 or later.

Lost Girls 2: What can it be about?

Officially, ‘Lost Girls’ is based on the book of the same name by Robert Kolker, but there are a number of differences between the book and the movie. While Kolker’s work imparts equal attention to the case of all five girls, even giving us an elaborate picture of their lives. It gives a more intimate portrayal of the whole case. On the other hand, the film follows the story from Mari Gilbert’s perspective. It doesn’t as much focus on the mystery of the Long Island serial killer but represents the anger and disappointment in the law enforcement that differentiates between people.

The film ends with the discovery of Shannan’s remains. In the sequel, the film could further explore the case, this time being more killer-oriented. It could adopt a whodunit tone and, hopefully, if the case is solved in the coming years, the film would also give a proper conclusion to it. In another scenario, it could pick up the story from the perspective of the girls, maybe venturing into the territory of fiction and speculation about what could have happened with them.

The return of the cast members would depend on the path the sequel chooses to tread. Amy Ryan could reprise her role, along with Thomasin McKenzie and Oona Laurence, who played Shannan’s sisters. New actors could also join the cast.

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