Lost in Space Season 3 Release Date, New Cast and Plot Details

Set in 2046, Netflix’s science fiction series ‘Lost in Space’ follows the fate of an interstellar spacecraft Resolute, whose mission is to carry families to colonize the Alpha Centauri star system after an asteroid crashes into Earth. Soon, the spacecraft is attacked by aliens, forcing the families to escape in smaller Jupiter spacecraft. The series then depicts the future of the Robinsons and fellow colonists, who try to complete the mission amid internal and external conflicts. Created by Irwin Allen, it is a reimagining of the eponymous 1965 series, which was inspired by the 1812 novel ‘The Swiss Family Robinson.’

It premiered on April 13, 2018, and was well-received by critics who commended the ambition of the show as a sci-fi adventure along with its arresting visual effects. Upon its premiere, the show impressed the genre fans because of its dashing appeal, effortless narrative, and charming performances. The second season released in December 2019 and garnered the reception of the inaugural season. Season 2 ends in an appalling cliffhanger, where fans of the Robinson family are left in a state of distress. To keep the growing tensions at ease, let’s walk you through everything we know about ‘Lost in Space’ season 3.

Lost in Space Season 3 Release Date

On March 9, 2020, Netflix announced the renewal of ‘Lost in Space’ for season 3, adding that it will also be the final installment of the show. The news of a final season piqued the curiosity regarding the destiny of the Robinsons and the adventures they will embark on to complete their mission. Since comparisons with the parent series are in full swing to determine the future of the mission, fans can rest and wait for a while, as ‘Lost in Space’ season 3 is all set to release on December 1, 2021, on Netflix.

The production of the third season started on September 26, 2020, and went on for over three and half months, before wrapping up on January 13. Even though an official confirmation is yet to arrive from Netflix, the third season will mostly have 8 episodes, unlike the first two seasons, with a runtime between 39-65 minutes each.

Lost in Space Season 3 Cast: Who is in it?

‘Lost in Space’ season 3 will see the return of the beloved Robinsons — Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson, Toby Stephens as John Robinson, Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson, Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson, and Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson. The rest of the main cast might include Ignacio Serricchio as Don West, Sibongile Mlambo as Angela, and Brian Steele as the Robot.

Even though the character June Harris/Dr. Smith is presumed dead in the season 2 finale, Parker Posey might still return to the show for its third and final installment. For the third season, joining the cast is Russell Hornsby, who is best known for his performance in ‘Lincoln Heights.’

Lost in Space Season 3 Plot: What is it About?

The finale of season 2 ends in a brutal cliffhanger, with the spaceship carrying the Robinson kids and other children traveling into an unknown star system, separating them from the Robinson parents and others. The children then encounter Fortuna, a spaceship that disappeared twenty years earlier, along with its commander, Judy’s biological father, Grant Kelly.

Season 3 of ‘Lost in Space’ will start from this separation and progress through distinct adventures the Robinson parents and kids have on their way. In an interview, Executive Producer Zack Estrin confirmed that the third season will follow two separate stories of the kids and parents. He also added that the season will depict how the kids overcome the challenges without the guidance of the parents, with deadly predators around. It will also explore the reunion of Judy with her biological father and the role of Kelly to reconcile the kids with Maureen and John.

The third and final season will also reveal more about the fate of Dr. Smith, as she hasn’t been found following her sacrifice to save others by putting up a fight with the invading robots. Maureen and John have a mission to find the children and to plot the new mechanisms to complete the mission with Don in the mix. With aliens and invading robots in the way, it won’t be easy for the Robinsons to succeed in their missions, but they are left with no choices.

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