Loudermilk Season 4: Everything We Know

Created by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort, ‘Loudermilk’ is a comedy series that follows a man, Sam Loudermilk, swept away by the lows of life. He used to be a music critic who gradually succumbed to perennial alcohol abuse. But now, Sam is on his way to recovery, and his journey includes other people like him struggling with substance abuse.

To help all these cases, including his own, Sam becomes the leader of a support group that listens to his unconventional yet clever ideas and strategies. Sam’s character is quirky and has an unapologetic edge which has attracted a decent viewership over its three-season run. If you’re curious whether the show will get renewed, here’s everything we know about ‘Loudermilk’ season 4!

Loudermilk Season 4 Release Date

‘Loudermilk’ season 3 premiered in its entirety on April 27, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video. Prior to its release in the US, the third season originally premiered on December 31, 2020, in Canada and a few other countries. The season has ten episodes in total, with each one lasting for 27-30 minutes. The latest edition emphasizes the issues faced by the AA group victims creating a profound experience for its viewers, who otherwise thrive in the light-hearted dimensions created by its hilarious ensemble cast.

As far as the next season is concerned, here’s everything that we have surmised. Although ‘Loudermilk’ has suffered terrible setbacks previously, it might get renewed nevertheless. In April 2020, AT&T, the owner of the show’s home network Audience, ceased operations of the network. The off-beat comedy series was consequently rendered homeless until Amazon Prime Video took up the rights for its broadcast, and creator Peter Farrelly could barely contain his joy.

On receiving the news, Farrelly stated, “I could not be more pleased that ‘Loudermilk’ is finding a second life on Prime Video. It’s a show that I’m extremely proud of and one that deserves to be seen by all. I would argue that it has the best ensemble cast on television and deserves to be in the conversation with ‘Schitt’s Creek‘ and ‘Cobra Kai,’ shows that started on one network but found a much wider audience on another.” Well, his remarks clearly reflect his desire to keep on creating more episodes.

With regards to the fourth season, Farrelly further said, “Everybody wants to come back and do Season 4. We are going to get them back, we are going to do it, we just need to find the right home for it.” Moreover, Farrelly also declared that he wants the show to go on for three-four seasons more. If it gets picked up for another season, we can expect ‘Loudermilk’ season 4 to release sometime in 2022.

Loudermilk Season 4 Cast: Who can be in it?

The cast of ‘Loudermilk’ comprises Ron Livingston as the protagonist, Sam Loudermilk, an outspoken rehab counselor conducting therapy sessions for a group of misfits. Will Sasso portrays Ben Burns, the man who welcomes Sam into his rehab group. Anja Savcic plays Claire Wilkes, a young girl dealing with the loss of her father. Brian Regan essays the character of Winston “Mugsy” Bennigan.

Other regulars include Ricky Blitt as New Guy (Hiram), Timothy Webber as Ed, Viv Leacock as Stevie, and many more. As creator Farrelly stated, most of the cast members are psyched to reprise their roles in the fourth season. In addition, the actors portraying recurring roles such as Tom Butler (Jack Loudermilk), Lissie (Lizzie Poole), and Benjamin Rogers (Felix Furbush), among others, are also expected to return.

Loudermilk Season 4 Plot: What can it be About?

In the third season, we witnessed a shift in the emotional arc of the show. The characters begin to explore their new identities leaving behind the wounds of the past. Sam shows massive improvement and even writes a book in the process.

In the fourth edition, Farrelly teased that it will be “the year Loudermilk gets his mojo back.” Sam’s book, themed on music, will fare surprisingly well, which will initiate his comeback into the world of glamour as he begins to hang out with musicians and attend parties. But his new circumstances will also tug at his sobriety and cause a strain in his relationship with his support group pals!

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