Love and Hate Crime Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News

Criminology is a particularly enticing field for investigative journalism at large, and the bulk of most dailies’ second-pager or even Headline scoops are derived on the shock value of crimes alone. Naturally, this same formula works also for TV, and producers who often use the innate thrills and chills combo that the idea of serial killers and/or homicides with mysterious circumstances offer to steamroll the concept into a slew of many true crime shows – be it detective shows that follow the structure of cop procedurals or the stodgy recreations of crime scenes in documentaries about the often-highlighted ‘crime of the decade’ ventures.

‘Love and Hate Crime,’ among BBC’s most ambitious 2018 attempts into the genre, falls under a no strict category like this, as it is less about any individual crime or precinct scandal and more about a study of the anatomy of hate crimes in the modern world. As a three-part series, BBC Three conducts this study by exploring recent crimes in the US that were motivated by prejudice against race and sexual orientation – a grave topic that has never been more contextual in the wake of events like the Orlando shootings.

Love and Hate Crime Season 2 Cast: Who’s in it?

Like many of the modern documentary series in BBC’s roster, Love and Hate crime also dispenses with a dedicated narrator and instead relatives of the victim and persons of interest fill in on the commentaries that transition one shot to the next. So the show does not have any recurrent cast at all to speak of, and as a three-part special, it only features said persons of interest, including the perpetrators, with the occasional field experts, officers, judges, lawyers, and attorneys (e.g., Judge Henry Wingate of the Federal Court in ‘Murder in Mississippi) chiming in for a one-on-one interview regarding the subjects at hand.

For its debut season, the show, therefore, featured Sarah Adalia Graves’ relatives in ‘Murder in Mississipi,’ whereas it is Jacob Heller, Adrian Loya’s lifelong friend, and forensic psychiatrist Martin Kelly who take up most of the screen time in ‘Killer With A Camera,’ for example. For this reason, the cast for the follow-up season (implying there will be any) would be difficult to predict until we get to know which cases will be covered in said season.

Love and Hate Crime Season 2 Plot: What is it about?

Love and Hate Crime is somewhat offbeat in that it does not directly go for the coverage of prejudice-motivated mass homicides of which there have been one too many in recent years, and instead goes the extra mile to look at how ingrained these prejudices are by highlighting seemingly isolated cases as hate crimes nonetheless. The show covers the cases of Joshua Vallum, Sarah Adelia Graves, and Adrian Loya for the three-episode special, and there are certainly many more cases that can be filed under that category, leaving ample material to pick up on for a second season.

Love and Hate Crime Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The show performed well in ratings, and it certainly does not lack in the source material for another season in the route it takes to explore. That said, three-episode specials like this usually do not get a direct season 2, and usually, are continued as renamed anthology series. At any rate, the show is yet to receive a renewal. The air date for Love and Hate Crime season 2 remains unconfirmed.

Love and Hate Crime Season 2 Trailer

Since there has not been any news from BBC Three regarding a second season, and the show has not been renewed yet, it would be safe to assume that filming has not started for the tentative season yet. Consequently, there is no promo content for it available yet. So while waiting for further updates, you can instead get a sneak peek into the show here.