Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 10 Episode 8: What to Expect?

In the latest episode of ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ season 10, Spice was ready to move forward in life in every aspect imaginable. She spoke to Justin about the upcoming decline of the coronavirus, which means she could continue going back on tour, but he wasn’t pleased with her decision. Meanwhile, Erica and Bambi were both struggling to get a hold of their personal lives. To know more, go through the summary at the bottom. If you’re anticipating ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ season 10 episode 8, here is what it might focus on!

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 10 Episode 8 Release Date

‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ season 10 episode 8 will release on August 23, 2021, at 8 pm ET on VH1. The show releases new episodes on a weekly basis, and each one is around an hour long.

Where to Watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 10 Episode 8 Online?

If you have a cable connection, you can watch ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ season 10 episode 8 on VH1 at the aforementioned date and time. Without a cable connection, you can stream it on VH1’s official website or the VH1 app. If none of these options are viable, you can watch the show live on DirecTVPhilo TVSling TVYouTube TV, and Fubo TV. Fans of the show can also buy/rent the episodes on Amazon Prime. Hulu subscribers can access the episodes here, and those using Paramount+ can easily watch up to season 8 of the show here.

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 10 Episode 8 Spoilers

In the eighth episode, Erica and Safaree might choose to end things with each other. His mother had advised him to hold on to Erica, after which he was momentarily willing to compromise. However, it is now clear that Safaree is not in a position to support Erica and her unborn child. Bambi and Scrappy might also put a full stop to their marriage.

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 10 Episode 7 Recap

In the seventh episode, Spice felt proud of the long way she has come. She has finally bought a house and moved her kids in. Even her career is soaring because of her recent collaboration with Shaggy. Meanwhile, Rasheeda intently listened to Yandy divulge details about Infinity going back to NY but was interrupted by Spice walking up to the stage. Omeretta still carried the sadness of her father’s untimely death but now wanted to move on and also reconcile with her mother.

Yandy brought along little Mendecee to witness a demonstration for the BLM that was paying tribute to a mother dealing with her deceased son. Sierra wanted to be there for Bambi, who broke down while mentioning her impending divorce with Scrappy. Bambi was hurt because of the support she never got from her husband. Elsewhere, Omeretta made amends to her mother while Scrappy and Bambi went over the problems in their marriage. Moving on, Spice was positive about the coronavirus going away, which meant she could get back to her performance as soon as possible.

Justin, however, told Spice to be more thoughtful because she wasn’t single anymore. Over a game of basketball, Joc asked his son if he is in bad company, and as expected, he didn’t take it well. The group attended Erica and Bambi’s baby shower thrown by Sierra. Despite her efforts to ease up the situation, a disagreement between Safaree and Erica further ruined the mood. Bambi and Scrappy took their rings off, and it seemed like they’re actually done with each other.

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