Love in the Time of Corona: Everything We Know

‘Love in the Time of Corona’ is a four-part, half-hour limited series that explores the human condition in the extraordinary time we are living in. Since the beginning of the COVID outbreak last year, there have been both artistic and literary responses to the virus and the seemingly unending quarantine that it has caused. ‘Love in…’ is the entertainment industry’s one of the first attempts to make sense of it all. The name of the show is a play on the title of Gabriel García Márquez’s 1985 novel ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’. The series revolves around four different couples in various stages of their respective relationships. Real-life husband and wife Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson are executive-producing the show, along with playing one of the four couples. If you are interested in knowing when this romantic-drama is set to premiere, read on!

Love in the Time of Corona Season 1 Release Date

In May 2020, reports started coming out that Freeform has picked up Joanna Johnson (‘Good Trouble’ and ‘The Fosters’) and Anonymous Content’s COVID-19 scripted comedy. According to Lauren Corrao, executive vice president of programming and development at Freeform, ‘Love in…’ is the “perfect show” to teach a generation how to celebrate love when the whole world is telling them to maintain a six-feet distance. “Although the constraints have been difficult during this time, immense creativity has flourished and we could not be more grateful that Joanna brought this series to Freeform,” she added.

‘Love in the Time of Corona’ Season 1 is set to premiere on August 22, 2020, on Freeform.

Love in the Time of Corona Cast

Odom Jr. and Robinson are cast as parents James and Sade, who are looking to have another child. Their discussions take a pessimistic turn following the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Fellow actor couple, Gil Bellows and Rya Kihlstedt, portray Paul and Sarah, spouses who are no longer together. When their adult daughter (played by Bellows and Kihlstedt’s real-life daughter Ava) returns home, they must quarantine together as she doesn’t know her parents are separated. L. Scott Caldwell essays the role of Nanda, who is gradually losing her husband of 50 years to dementia and now can’t even have physical contact with him as he lives in a nursing home. Rainey Qualley and Tommy Dorfman play best friends Elle and Oscar with growing romantic interests in each other.

What is Love in the Time of Corona About?

The four interwoven stories have one thing thematically common, love. Set in the time of social distancing, the show compels its characters to reach out to those in their immediate proximities while searching for “love, sex, and connection.”

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