Love is Blind: Japan Episode 10 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

Following the flawless format of the original version, ‘Love is Blind: Japan‘ is a reality dating series that tackles the concept of whether an emotional connection can really conquer physical attraction or not. After all, this is where singles try to find a match and fall in love without even setting eyes on each other, only to spend a month together before deciding if they’re ready to say “I Do.” So now that its debut season has premiered nine episodes, with the latest ones bringing down the number of couples from eight to four, let’s find out what could be in store next, shall we?

Love is Blind: Japan Episode 10 Release Date

‘Love is Blind: Japan’ episode 10 is all set to release on Netflix on February 22, 2022, at 12 a.m. PT or 3 a.m. ET, precisely a week after the previous four installments aired at once on the platform. With 11 episodes in total – 46-61 minutes each – this production is even sticking to the launch pattern of the US version, meaning that its original run is spread over three weeks. While the first five episodes dropped together on February 8, 2022, the following four came out on February 15, leaving episodes 10 and 11 to conclude the entire season at the date mentioned above.

Where to Watch Love is Blind: Japan Episode 10 Online?

Since the ‘Love is Blind‘ franchise, including the Japanese series, is an original by Netflix, the easiest way to watch all its episodes is on the platform, right here. Unfortunately, that also means it’s not available on any other service, and you’d have to pay a subscription fee to access the same — the global streamer doesn’t offer a free trial period in the US right now. The positive thing, though, is that you can easily use Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, or other compatible streaming devices such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, AirTV, and many more.

Love is Blind: Japan Episode 10 Spoilers

‘Love is Blind: Japan’ episode 10, aptly entitled ‘Countdown to “I Do,”‘ will pick up right from where episode 9, ‘An Ill-Fitting Dress,’ left off — with Ryotaro and Motomi finally meeting her parents. Thus, we’ll get to see if he receives her “old-fashioned” father’s blessing or not, along with how the other couples face the last days leading up to what could be the most important moment of their lives. In other words, apart from the bachelor/bachelorette parties, this installment will explore the ultimate adjustment stage, which might just make or break the duos for good.

Will Midori be able to get over her hangups regarding Wataru’s physical appearance (but never his heart or spirit)? Will Ryotaro and Motomi maintain their care and compassion for one another until the end? Will Misaki dig deeper into himself to be vulnerable about his emotions around Kaoru at last? And will Ayano and Shuntaro manage to put in the hard work to find themselves on the same page regarding every single matter? All these questions, amongst much more, will be answered either directly or indirectly in episode 10 before the pairs walk down the aisle in episode 11, entitled ‘Decision Time.’

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