Love is Blind Season 2 Finale Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

After almost two years, ‘Love is Blind‘ is finally back on our screens again, but this time – with the involvements being much more intense as well as dramatic – it is bigger and better than ever before. The basic essence of it, though, hasn’t wavered; it still revolves around a group of singles as they try to find a match, fall in love, and get engaged without even setting eyes on one another.

This reality dating series thus tackles the notion of whether an emotional connection can really conquer the expectations of physical attraction or not. So now that season 2 has premiered nine episodes – with the latest ones bringing down the number of couples from six to five while revealing the cracks in every union – let’s find out what’s in store for the upcoming finale, shall we?

Love is Blind Season 2 Finale Release Date

‘Love is Blind’ season 2 episode 10, a.k.a the season finale, is scheduled to release on February 25, 2022, at 12 am PT or 3 am ET on Netflix, precisely a week after its previous four installments aired at once on the platform. This season is truly sticking to the well-known launch pattern of the debut one, meaning that the original run of all its ten episodes is spread over three weeks.

In other words, while the initial five episodes landed together on February 11, 2022, the following four came out on February 18, leaving episode 10 to conclude season 2 at the date mentioned above. Every installment here has a runtime of about 45-70 minutes each, so if you’re thinking of binging this captivating production in one go (which is actually quite fun), keep the entire day free.

Where to Watch Love is Blind Season 2 Finale Online?

Because ‘Love is Blind’ is a Netflix original, the only place you can watch all its episodes, including the season 2 finale, without any worries is on the streaming service, right here. Unfortunately, that means it’s not available on any other platform, and you’d have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the same, especially as the streamer doesn’t offer a free trial period in the United States right now. With that said, the good thing is that you can easily use Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, or any other compatible streaming device like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Love is Blind Season 2 Finale Spoilers

The final episode of ‘Love is Blind’ season 2, aptly entitled ‘The Weddings,’ will pick up right from where ‘Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties’ left off — in the middle of Danielle and Nick’s wedding. We already know Danielle said “I Do” at the altar, so we’ll find out if Nick reciprocated the sentiments or not. Along with that, the truth of Deepti and Shake’s relationship, as well as that of Mallory and Sal’s, will also ultimately come to light.

Moreover, we’ll get an inside look into what really happened between the fan-favorite duo Natalie and Shayne, as well as if Iyanne was able to let go of her doubt that she was, and will continue to be, Jarrette’s second choice. In short, this episode will reveal who gets married and who doesn’t.

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