Preview: Love Island Season 2 Episode 25

‘Love Island USA’s second season returned with an explosive recap session this Saturday! From flashbacks on the islanders’ pursuits of other guys and girls to some of the stars confessing about their regrets, the recap is definitely a drama-packed revelation session. Find out the details in our recap section. Now, if you want some insights into the next part, here is our detailed preview of the 25th episode.

Love Island Season 2 Episode 25 Release Date:

‘Love Island’ season 2 episode 25 will premiere on September 20, 2020, on CBS, at 9 pm ET/ PT & 8 pm CT. Following the two-hour season premiere, new hourly episodes drop every day (leaving Wednesdays) at the above time slot. Each Saturday features a two-hour recap or the preceding week’s episodes, featuring exclusive interviews and never-seen-before, behind-the-scenes footage.

Love Island Season 2 Episode 25 Spoilers

The upcoming episode marks the start of another new week for the islanders in the ‘Love Island’ villa. It will feature another round of recouplings. And this time, it is all girl power! This time, the ladies will get to decide who they want to couple up with. Of course, there will also be a fair share of drama. And the highlight this time is on Cely and Johnny. Cely will be confronting Johnny for not telling her everything about Casa Amor. She wants to know why he is raising questions about her going on a date with Bennie when he himself was not entirely honest. It appears it is only a matter of time before Cely dumps Johnny.

How to Stream Love Island Season 2 Episode 25 Online?

US viewers can easily catch up on the latest episodes of ‘Love Island’ at 9 pm ET on CBS from Sunday to Friday (minus Wednesdays and the Saturday recaps). Needless to mention, you will need a cable package. If you have a cable login, you can catch the season on the CBS official website. Otherwise, episodes are also available on CBS All Access. If you are a cord-cutter, you can resort to the multiple live TV streaming services, namely, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and AT&T TV Now. Additionally, already released episodes can be rented or bought on Amazon Prime Video.

Love Island Season 2 Episode 24 Recap

“From Carrington romancing new girl Laurel to Johnny revealing the cracks in his confidence, catch up with More To Love, a weekly recap that zips through Week 4’s hottest gossip and treats fans to never-before-seen footage” — this is the official synopsis of episode 24, as outlined by CBS.

The 24th episode covers some of the most controversial bits from the week gone by. We get exclusive gossip about how Carrington went ahead with approaching Laurel. Johnny reveals how his lack of confidence made him take several wrong steps. It appears he regrets his decisions now. Apparently, Cely was his match made in heaven! But now, she is getting quite a number of eyeballs from the new guys. And Sunday’s episode will uncover how things turn out for Johnny in the end.

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