When Will Love Island Return to CBS?

‘Love Island’, the American counterpart of the popular British dating reality show, was announced and commissioned by CBS in 2018. Created by ITV Studios, it revolves around a team of young and hot singles in search of the perfect romantic partner.

As we all know, the format of this category of shows does not garner rave reviews. But still, they open to huge viewership numbers, primarily because of the prevalent drama among the stars. The same is the case with this series, which earned average ratings but was renewed for a second season. Here’s when Love Island season 2 will release on CBS.

Love Island Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Love Island’ season 1 released on July 9, 2019, on CBS and CBS All Access. After airing for 22 episodes, it ended on August 7, 2019.

On August 1, 2019, even before the season 1 finale aired, Love Island received its order for a new season. The renewal arrived despite low ratings, although the series had attracted a lot of younger female audiences.

“The passion of Love Island’s audience is incredible,” said CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl. “The intensity of their social media engagement has created tremendous enthusiasm for the series here at the network. We love the show’s creative execution and can’t wait for next season.”

“This is an audience we’re chasing, primarily younger women, that CBS doesn’t necessarily speak to on a regular basis and an audience that doesn’t watch linear TV a whole lot,” Kahl added. “I think that’s borne out in our streaming numbers. This is one of the strongest streaming shows we have already. … All the signs around the linear numbers are very, very good. The question for us is can we get the word out and eventually kick it up to the next level?”

Steamy singles, lots of hookups, and breakups, the show already had ingredients of a contest packed with heavy drama. No wonder, the original version of the show is one of the most-watched series on ITV.  And it seems like the makers are expecting the same with the US version as well.

“After its first season, the U.K. version exploded via word of mouth and social media to become a huge hit, and its viewership has grown every year,” said Thom Sherman, senior executive VP programming at CBS. “We believe first-season U.S. fans are just as passionate and engaged, and we look forward to building on that foundation with another fun season next summer.”

On February 14, 2020, CBS revealed the release date. ‘Love Island’ season 2 will release on May 21, 2020, at 8/7c with a two-hour premiere. After the premiere, the show will air six weekly episodes — five new, original episodes, followed by a weekly recap every Saturday.

Love Island Cast: Who’s in it?

‘Love Island’ is hosted by talented actress, former Vine star, and comedian, Arielle Vandenberg. Some of her television credits include ‘How I Met Your Mother‘, ‘Greek’, ‘Meet the Browns’, ‘The Ugly Truth’, and ‘Bones’, to name a few. An acclaimed content creator, mainly recognized for her witty write-ups, she has a huge fan-base on social media. It has been confirmed that Vanderberg will resume her mantle in season 2. She will be accompanied by Matthew Hoffman as the narrator.

For the first season, eleven 20-something contestants — five males and six females, from different parts of the US — joined the cast. They were Cashel Barnett, Kyra Green, Zac Mirabelli, Alana Morrison, Weston Richey, Yamen Sanders, Mallory Santic, Alexandra Stewart, Caroline “Caro” Viehweg, Elizabeth Weber, and Michael Yi.

In season 1, the winners were Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber. Weber picked the $100,000 envelope in the envelope ceremony and decided to split the prize with Mirabelli.

The second season will have a set of fresh news faces vying to find their perfect romantic partner. Casting calls are currently underway and the exact names have not been revealed yet.

What is Love Island about?

If you know about the original English reality TV series, ‘Love Island’, it is a smash hit show that has gradually progressed to become a global cultural phenomenon. It follows a certain team of young singles, known as Islanders, who are sent to live together in an isolated luxe villa, located in Mallorca — the mesmeric tropical Mediterranean island in Spain.

Installed filming equipment and cameras record each of their moves. In order to avoid eviction, they must find their perfect matches and pair up into couples. The ultimate goal can be anything — love, friendship, or money. The couple who survives the longest is declared as the winner and gets the chance to win a huge grand of £50,000. Although the first pairings are usually based on social interactions and impressions, as the episodes progress, they might have to “re-couple” or “swap” in order to stay on the show.

After the coupling round, any Islander who does not manage to find a partner is eliminated and “dumped” from the island. Multiple challenges and game competitions are curated as part of the tasks — so as to test the contestants for their physical and mental prowess. Some Islanders are also sent on dates outside the villa or can secure dates by winning challenges. There is also public voting where audiences can vote for their favorite couples or the pairs they think are the most compatible. The ones with minimum votes face higher risks of elimination. In the last stage, viewers vote for their chosen couple and they are crowned as the final winners.

The US version of ‘Love Island’ also follows an almost similar format like its British counterpart and ‘Big Brother‘. Even here, a team of single Islanders is pitched against each other, while being housed in an extravagant villa on a striking tropical island in Fiji. They need to find their perfect partners in order to embark on this race for survival as they are filmed 24/7.

In fact, you witness every moment of their time in the house and get to hear juicy gossips via the microphones fixed on them. However, amidst all the fun, dating, romance, drama, and relationships, there’s also a fierce battle to stay on the show. The Islanders who manage to find their partners evade the risk of being dumped from the island.

Of course, the road to love is not smooth. And when there’s the stake of huge prize money ($1,00,000!), the battle becomes more intense. With new challenges, fresh Islander arrivals, and shocking twists, alliances are tested. Meanwhile, while picking up their partners carefully, the participants must also seek to impress their viewers. The couple who manages to pass all these challenges is finally declared as the winner.

Love Island Trailer:

While we wait for ‘Love Island’ season 2, check out season 1’s official trailer here.

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