Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 17: What to Expect?

In the sixteenth episode of ‘Love Island USA’ season 3, the residents of Casa Amor prepared for another recoupling session. Before the night took off, there were discussions and confrontations that paved the way for many surprises. Leslie, Isabel, Kam, Flo, and Charlie were more than dedicated to surviving the game. But did the latest partnering session work out in their favor? You can check out the recap if you’re looking for answers. Before episode 17 drops, here is all the information we have on what lies ahead for the current residents of Casa Amor!

Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 17 Release Date

‘Love Island USA’ season 3 episode 17 will release on July 29, 2021, at 9 pm ET on CBS. New episodes drop on Tuesdays through Fridays and Sundays on the network.

Where To Watch Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 17 Online?

Fans can watch ‘Love Island USA’ season 3 episode 17 on TV by tuning in to CBS at the date and time mentioned above. If you miss the television broadcast, you have the option to stream it later on CBS’ official website by logging in to the platform using your active cable login ID. You can even resort to live-streaming or VOD platforms such as Hulu, YouTubeTVFuboTVPhilo TVApple TV+XfinitySpectrum, and DirecTV. If you own a subscription to Paramount+, you can access the latest episodes here.

Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 17 Spoilers

In the upcoming episode, we will witness how the new couples fare off, especially Leslie and Korey, now that the former has made it clear that she wants to stay in the game. Almost everyone seems transparent about their intentions, except for Cinco. In the next episode, there is a high chance he might try his luck Cashay again. Shannon’s problem with Genevieve might also rise to the surface in episode 17.

Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 16 Recap

In episode 16, the contestants geared up for the next recoupling session. But before that, they reflected upon what they individually want out of their partners and the show in general. Korey was seen talking to Leslie, who at this point seems like the biggest game player. He seemed clearly interested in Leslie instead of Isabel, the only woman that really liked him. Olivia aired out her thoughts on where she resides emotionally within the context of the game.

However, Kam insisted that he still wanted to pair up with Olivia. Meanwhile, Cashay spent most of her time with Charlie discussing their next step. When the big night finally arrived, the men took their stance and called out the names of their new partners. Josh, as expected, chose Shannon, and they shared a long steamy kiss that, in a way, sealed the deal. Jeremy picked Genevieve, and as soon as she took her spot, Shannon muttered the words “poor boy,” which took us by surprise.

Cinco called for Trina, who happily walked up to him. However, Cinco stood with a blank countenance that hinted at the possibility of him being upset at his choice. He looked unhappy even when Cashay paired up with Charlie, and Isabel broke into tears seeing Korey pick Leslie. Will finally chose Kyra, and his decision left Flo devastated.

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