Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 21: What to Expect?

In episode 20 of ‘Love Island USA’ season 3, the new girls opened up more opportunities for the men, especially Charlie and Korey. Charlie has stopped investing his time in Cashay, which was evident from the way he was actively pursuing new connections. Korey was torn between his fondness for Olivia and his attraction to Bailey, one of the new entries. For more on the latest episode, check out the recap at the bottom. To know what’s in store for the current inhabitants of the Mallorcan villa, here’s all the information we have on episode 21!

Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 21 Release Date

‘Love Island USA’ season 3 episode 21 will release on August 4, 2021, at 9 pm ET on CBS. New episodes land on Tuesdays through Fridays and Sundays on the network.

Where To Watch Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 21 Online?

Fans can watch ‘Love Island USA’ season 3 episode 21 on TV by tuning in to CBS at the date and time mentioned above. If you miss the television broadcast, you have the option to stream it later on CBS’ official website by logging in to the platform using your active cable login ID. You can even resort to live-streaming or VOD platforms such as HuluYouTubeTVFuboTVPhilo TVApple TV+XfinitySpectrum, and DirecTV. If you own a subscription to Paramount+, you can access the latest episodes here.

Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 21 Spoilers

The upcoming episode of ‘Love Island USA’ season 3 will feature two new men in the villa set to spice things up for the women, especially Cashay, who has more chances of being eliminated now that Cinco’s not in the picture anymore and Charlie is forging other connections. Based on public voting, two women will be sent for individual dates with the new faces, so in case Cashay makes the cut, it might be interesting to see her climb up the ladder of love again!

Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 20 Recap

In the latest episode, the new entries Alana, Elly, and Bailey introduced themselves to the rest of the contestants. Elly outshone the others during the “meet and greet” session with her outgoing and flirtatious personality. Alana was friend-zoned by Will while trying to fix his relationship with Kyra. After the group cleared out, he pulled Trina into a corner and told her he was hurt at how Shannon blamed him for being involved with Flo. Will broke down into tears as Trina tried her best to calm him down.

On the other hand, Bailey was keen on getting to know Korey, but Olivia still has a strong hold over him. He was confused about whether to give his dynamic with Bailey a shot or stick to who he is familiar with. Having spent so much time with Olivia, Korey felt like he knew her better. Kyra addressed all the girls in the dressing room and asked them to be more subtle about their opinions regarding her relationship with Will.

Kyra clarified that she wants to be with Will regardless of the controversy that has sparked a lot of criticism and backlash. It ultimately boils down to what she wants and not what others expect her to do. Lastly, it seemed like the dynamic between Charlie and Cashay is heading towards a dead end. Her feelings for Cinco have fizzled Charlie’s interest in her, and he was seen exploring other options.

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